Борис Гребенщиков попал в реанимацию Sunday in mass media the information appeared that the famous musician was urgently addressed to doctors. At first it was reported that Boris Grebenshchikov heart problems. However, according to friends of the artist, he has pneumonia.

Journalists report that 64-year-old leader of the “Aquarium” Boris Grebenshchikov did not feel well and had to go to the doctors. Currently, the musician is in one of medical institutions of Saint-Petersburg. According to some, the situation is “quite serious”.

Director of group Maxim Lande confirmed to journalists information that Grebenshchikov admitted. Now the artist is in intensive care. About what diagnosis Grebenshchikov put doctors, land not told. He also urged not to panic and try to help the musician.

“Taking this opportunity, I would like to appeal to journalists. Please, if you are really concerned about the fate of a sick person, then the best way is to pray for the health of it or to light a candle. We encourage everyone to return to the field of decency and just try to help people,” shared a colleague of the star to reporters.

According to one, Grebenshchikov heart problems, which may arise after conducted a few years ago bypass surgery. However, each artist Viktor Tikhomirov, the organizer of the movement “Mitki”, has denied these data. He said that Boris in the hospital for a couple of days.

“Yesterday morning he was in intensive care. He’s got pneumonia. Is now in consciousness,” — said Tikhomirov.

Anxious fans of Boris Grebenshchikov want him to quickly go on the amendment. Among those who publicly appealed to the musician, turned to Tina Kandelaki. “BG in the hospital. Well, Boris. After the song “rusty the wind,” we can’t stop, gotta move on” — she wrote in his Telegram channel.

Nine years ago, the artist has made fans pretty worried. Then the rocker felt ill after a concert at the stadium in Vienna. Grebenshchikov was forced to pass the examination. Doctors advised the musician to do the surgery in a hospital in Berlin, specializing in the bypass. Due to emergency hospitalization Grebenshchikov took a break from touring. Medical intervention, which cost Boris Borisovich 35 thousand euros, was held by the doctor Evgeny Potapenko.

Recall that in mid-February of this year Grebenschikov released a new album, called “Time N”. The album, which took place in Saint-Petersburg, Los Angeles and London, was a continuation of his release, “Sol”, released in 2014.

According to “Rosbalt” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.