Борис Грачевский предложил Анастасии Макеевой работу The actress will be the star of a newsreel “jumble”. Appearing on the performances of Anastasia Makeeva Director was impressed with her game, but because I decided to get her to cooperate in the framework of the beloved comic releases.

      Борис Грачевский предложил Анастасии Макеевой работу

      Seems that the famous actress Anastasia Makeeva finally came back to normal after a difficult divorce, which took place two months ago. Recall that after several years of joint life the composer Gleb Matveychuk and Anastasia Makeeva, the actress decided to leave.

      In the summer the actress, judging by the photos in her social networks, actively resting, healing of wounds, so next season she is ready to labour feats. Apparently, autumn has makeieva will be what is called “shock”, because in addition to the existing projects and concerts, Makeyev has also become the main star in a new musical tale “a Miracle-Yudo, a pre-premiere screening which was held yesterday in the Northern capital. Makeev came to the scene of the famous St. Petersburg music Hall in the image of Margaret in a production of “the Master and Margarita” and Tatiana Larina in the Opera “Eugene Onegin”. Now she got the negative role of the treacherous sorceress of Eels, which tries to stop love, the beautiful Vasilisa and her lover Ivan.

      “I play the role of Eels, it introduced a character that is not in the source. It’s the wicked witch that is scheming, but in the end I win. I’m nervous before the premiere because will play in front of the children, who are considered more demanding, they are difficult to keep adults wear masks, and if children are not interested, they explicitly say it is,” admitted Makeyev.
      Борис Грачевский предложил Анастасии Макеевой работу

      The actress, dressed in a glamorous dress and unusual horns, is so accustomed to the way of the treacherous sorceress, the producer of the project, Irina Afanasyeva, even asked Makeeva to be careful and not scare the children. Although during the performance Moray, accompanied by his companion kVA-KVA evoked not only fear, but also brought children delight with their songs and funny remarks.

      Борис Грачевский предложил Анастасии Макеевой работу

      Acting talent makeevoy admired and the Creator of the famous “jumble” Boris Grachevsky, who had specially arrived for a screening of the musical, to bless the production group. Many remember that Grachevskiy played the role of the hands of the creature in the film Alexander Rowe “Varvara-Krasa, long braid”, which formed the basis of the musical.

      “I’m 42 years working in the “Jumble” and I regret that Makeeva still have not shot with us! I am of course very ashamed, I lowered my eyes, then raised and again lowered. Really want to see Cindy we, because I often go to her performances and you know she’s great actress, – confessed Boris Grachevsky.

      “StarHit” we also learned that the production company Makers Lab and “Chudo-Yudo is already conducting conversations with Boris Grachevsky to next season to put a musical based on the best stories of “jumble” in which, according to their idea, must participate and Makeev.

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