Boris Grachevsky made young lover chic gift

Борис Грачевский сделал молодой возлюбленной шикарный подарок
Artistic Director of “jumble” enjoying life with Ekaterina Belotserkovsky.

Boris Grachevsky and Ekaterina Belotserkovsky

Photo: Arina Maksimova

Boris Grachevsky able
nice to care for women. The Director has done his civil wife —
31-year-old Ekaterina Belotserkovsky gorgeous gift. Boris bought
beloved, a ticket to an exotic island.

For a romantic trip
Grachevskiy chose Sunny Dominican Republic. Orthodox Easter lovers met
already on the shores of the Caribbean sea, puffing on cigars with cherry flavor and
enjoying stunning views of the island of Haiti. However, testing of cigars,
which Director went to Punta Cana the next day, Boris impressed
not so much. “A night in Punta Cana, Dominican the approbation of cigars! Not really!
Yesterday cherry was better!” — shared Grachevskiy.

By the way, for a couple of Boris and
Catherine this is not the first holiday spent together. In January lovers
traveled to Mauritius, where, according to unconfirmed reports, Grachevsky and
Bila Tserkva has played a secret wedding. Right before the trip, Boris did
Catherine’s proposal of marriage and presented her with a diamond ring 0,5

New girlfriend
appeared at Boris Yuryevich almost two years ago. Ekaterina Belotserkovsky
he graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, several years ago, she participated in the festival
“Slavic Bazaar” and received audience award. With Boris
Grachevsky they met at a concert where both were invited with

Beautiful weather on this wonderful holiday! May 1, far in the Dominican Republic on the beach by the ocean!

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