Борис Галкин протестует против актерской карьеры дочери The actor and Director told the journalists about the film, dedicated to his adopted son, Vladislav, who passed away in February of 2010, and also about the success of 7-month-old heiress. Last year Boris Galkin for the first time became a father.
Борис Галкин протестует против актерской карьеры дочери

Last summer the 70-year-old honored artist of the Russian Federation Boris Galkin became a father for the first time. The wife of actor and Director Inna razumihina gave birth to his daughter Anna. Prior to this, the star considered his heirs foster children, Vladislav and Maria. In a recent interview, Boris Sergeyevich spoke about how increasing the charming Anya.

According to Galkina, he doesn’t want the girl chose the acting profession. The artist has expressed dissatisfaction with the state of modern film industry. Boris S. also admitted that he loves Ana. After the birth of her daughter, the actor has ceased to feel its age.

“Anya 7 months. And I really don’t want to be an actress in the atmosphere in which we live today, our film industry. I am closely going to follow her for her talents. Now I can say that she is very musical. Inna she sings. She listens carefully and gets into the notes. Incredibly vociferous. And cries and laughs. Anya is my light. It ignites the heart, inspiring. I’m incredibly rejuvenated her birth,” said star.
Борис Галкин протестует против актерской карьеры дочери

At the time, Boris S. protested against an acting career and adopted son of Vladislav Galkin. “But grandma decided differently”, – said the artist. So little Vlad took part in the audition for the film Stanislav Govorukhin “the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn,” which opened a path into the profession. According to Galkina-the older boy was keenly interested in the outside world and from childhood I was struck by his artistry.

“When Vlad was 11 years old, he was as an actor. He thought over the nature of the relationship to all the characters. He was easy to play. Even then he was a professional,” recalls Boris Sergeyevich.

According to the actor, Vlad soon became independent and often did things his own way. “He’s bound to have his mind and weighed on the scales of my fictional”, – said Boris Sergeyevich.

The famous actor has produced a film devoted to her adopted son. According to Boris Galkin, he raised the profession of an actor at a fairly high level. When is the premiere of the picture, is still unknown. Boris Sergeyevich was denied on the same channel, referring to the fact that the tape does not fit the format. “I have long laughed. I have long soothed. Said, we understand for you it’s all very important… And I don’t need to calm down. I don’t need it. Moreover, Vladislav does not need”, – said Galkin in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.