Boris Burdaev commented on the rumors about his desire to change gender

Борис Бурдаев прокомментировал слухи о своем желании сменить пол

Yesterday, producer Andrey Borodin made a sensational statement concerning one of the soloists of the group “the Brothers Grimm” Boris Burdaeva. Producer in a candid interview admitted that the red-haired performer, who has long admitted his sexual orientation, decided on a sex change.

The words of Borodin looked quite natural. Internet users believed it and began to lament the fact that the desire to change gender is a mental disorder Boris, which will certainly need to treat.

Now it turns out that the words of the producers was a lie. At least such statement was made by Boris Burdaev. The musician urged not to believe the messages that distribute the “yellow media” and filter what they read and see: “Dear friends and fans, I rarely have a favor to ask, but this time I can’t leave it unattended. We’ve all been modern people of the 21st century and, thanks to social networks, long ago learned how to filter information and ignore the yellow media. I thought that the days of the yellow press had already left, but no — apparently, this industry is in such a moribund condition that there are the freaks and flawed creation”, — said Boris on his page in the social network Instagram. – “In pursuit of a hot fact they are ready to write the unimaginable stupidity on the level of a gate, and vulgar drawings on the Desk. Apparently everything is bad and the level of stupidity is completely off the edge of good and evil.”