Boris Becker declared bankrupt

Бориса Беккера объявили банкротом
Famous tennis player has lost and the state, and his wife…

Бориса Беккера объявили банкротом

Boris Becker and Lilly Kerssenberg


As it became known, recently the London court
found the Boris Becker bankrupt. This event became a result of long-standing debt
the famous former tennis player jar. This was reported by the website Mirror

As it turned out in the course of the proceedings
Becker, he is still in 2015 has pledged to repay his earlier loan in the amount of 2
million pounds. The Bank has repeatedly warned him about the inevitable
consequences in case of non-payment. But Becker ignored all alerts. In the end Boris was declared insolvent.

Becker has managed to Express their protest
about court orders. “I’m surprised and disappointed by the decision. After all
the level of income is known to all. And I was going in the near future
to repay the debt!” he said.

In fact, in the past the finances
Becker really was the best way. Boris, who was a six-time(!)
the winner of the entire series of Grand slam tournaments, has earned over his career
a lot — about 30 million pounds. However, a significant part of their
state he lost in a divorce in 1993, when the divorce from his first wife
Barbara, Fellas. Besides, more than a million he had to pay to model
Angela Ermakova. With her bill held a brief affair, but she
became pregnant and sued the Becker, this is more than a solid amount of content
their child — daughter Anna.

Boris Becker


And since 1999, the year Becker retired from the sport. Since
then, he worked as a sports commentator and coach (he worked with Novak Djokovic), and his income considerably
reduced. But as if Boris was not only his financial problems, he
the trouble started on the personal front. Shortly after the announcement
bankruptcy, he was left by his second wife — Lily Kerssenberg where he
married 8 years ago…