“Boomer”: what are the stars of the cult of the Russian fighter now

«Бумер»: как выглядят звезды культового российского боевика сейчас
As almost 15 years have changed the cat, Scalded, Frame, kila and the other heroes of the benchmark domestic road movie.

Photo: a scene from the movie “Bumer” (2003)

The action-Thriller “Boomer” Peter Buslov (this is his directorial debut film) was released in 2003 and became not only one of the most successful Russian film projects of the time, but the standard of the so-called genre of the road movie — film-travel, the characters which are in the way.

Unlike other popular paintings of the late 90’s-early
2000s — such as “Brother” and “Brother-2” Alexey Balabanov, “the Brigade” Alexey Sidorov and “Antikiller” by Yegor Konchalovsky — “Boomer” Buslov not romanticised criminal lifestyle, and showed him this,
what it really is — a cruel and cynical.

no one, including the creators themselves, didn’t expect the painting then still a student of VGIK about criminals fleeing to the Russian provinces in a stolen BMW, waiting at least a small success. Little did happened already in a movie such heroes as Kostya “cat” (Vladimir Vdovichenkov), Dimon “Scalded” (Andrei Merzlikin), Peter “Frame»
(Sergei Gorobchenko), Leh “Killa” (Maxim Konovalov)… By the way, the Director himself played in the film a cameo role of the “authority” at the gas station.

after the premiere of “Boomer” at the Sochi film festival in June 2003
years it became clear that the filmmakers managed to create something remarkable. Success
drama has secured screenings at the international film festival in Moscow and at the film festival “Window to Europe” in
Vyborg, where she was awarded a special jury prize “For best debut”.

But despite the festival’s success, the story of life
four “lads on the run” is not interested in any of the major Russian cinema chains. Eminent distributors initially almost refused to take this crime Thriller was released. With only a small number of copies, he still made it to the theaters.

And a miracle happened: with a budget of $700 thousand.
the film grossed $1.67 million, becoming the first national band,
which not only recouped its production and promotion, but also brought a profit. The halls were filled with people of different age and social status,
many watched the tape several times — companies and individuals.

In September 2003, the first “Boomer” became the leader
domestic video distribution. A record print run sold out and the film’s soundtrack, and
ringtone “mobile Phone”, written by the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov
came at the time almost of every third cell phone in Russia.
According to information in the media, on the wave of popularity of tunes Cords earned about $ 1 million.
And in 2004 he was awarded the prize “Nika” for best music for the film.

Crime drama with a tragic ending (at the end of part two “lads” were killed, the Cat was caught, and Wildly fled, leaving friends — Approx. ed.) is so sunk into the soul of people that fans came to Andrew Merzlikina on the street with reproaches: “Well you homies passed?”To which the actor replied that the story told in the film, is a reality bandit’ 90s.

“The truth is that many of those who in the 1990s were engaged in criminal activity, stepped over his friends! — told Merzlikin in one of his interviews. — This film is about them, and they all
silently out of the room. It’s smart people, with authority, concepts. They
knew what he would do if for yourself. Saw that there is in this situation,
that Scalded it should be judged”.

After the end of the rolled tape fans
to demand that the authors started to create a sequel. And three years later came the continuation
criminal history (with Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Andrei Merzlikina, but without Sergei Gorobchenko and Maksim Konovalov, appeared only in the episode — Approx. ed.), which became
no less successful, and grossed more than $ 13 million

«Boomer. The second film” was dedicated to Sergei
Bodrov, and cast members of the first part invited the stars of “Brother” took part in the filming of his project “the Messenger” and tragically
perished in the Karmadon gorge in the vanishing glacier.

Since the premiere
Thriller “Boomer” has been more than 14
years. Here are the stars
a cult film now.