Book Dmitry Shepelev “Jeanne”. The first excerpts

Книга Дмитрия Шепелева «Жанна». Первые отрывки The work of the TV presenter began to discuss it before it was released. And in the program “Let them talk” the civil spouse Zhanna Friske gave his most candid interview. Dmitry talked about how to live a year without his wife and felt while writing his work.

      Almost a year Dmitry Shepelev did not communicate with journalists, but recently began to appear in public and speak with representatives from various publications. On November 24, the stores will be proizvedenie Jeanne, the author of which was Dmitry. “Despite the fact that this is a book about sickness, this book is about love,” said Shepelev.

      To the editor of “Let them talk” was a piece of the novelties of the journalist, which began to discuss it before it was released. The story of Dmitry begins: “to the Memory of the woman I love. Anyone who is going through similar. To those who supported us.


      Deciding on this book, I’ve been thinking who to ask about the Preface. I was told to write it should be someone famous, whose opinion of all interested. I didn’t mind, but instinctively knew that this story does not require any big names to attract attention. I write all this not to empty noise.

      Telling our story Jeanne, I clearly imagine what it’s doing: I want to lend a helping hand to those who right now, in this moment, passes through the test of severe illness. I know what kind of power is not to despair, keep yourself and – most importantly – to believe in the miracle of salvation. It is this faith and support, from whoever she came, along with medications helps to survive, not to give up. To scratch the disease at least one day, one week, month or even years.

      The support that Jeanne and received almost two years of her illness stunned us. Millions of emails and thousands of messages, kind words from strangers, but deeply cares for us.

      Remember how after the action “First channel”, when it was first publicly told about the disease Zhanna, I saw a picture of a provincial Orthodox parish. In front of the temple hung a banner, “Pray for Jeanne”. I was shocked. Then we talked with Jeanne about how we are going to be grateful to the people for their prayers and participation over the money they sent for her treatment, for the words and good thoughts. And now is the time to say thank you. This book is a gratitude to all not indifferent people.

      The full interview with Dmitry Shepelev can be seen today in the First channel in the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk” 19-50. In the Studio common-law husband of Jeanne Friske told about how hard it was for the whole year. Malakhov said in his microblog that this is the first TV interview Shepeleva about life without Joan, about the book, which was dedicated to her and how to live close to those who have a diagnosis of cancer. “The most candid interview of the year” – summed up the conversation, the host of “Let them talk”.

      In turn, Dmitry was also pleased with the interview with Andrei Malakhov, though he it was not easy. “Today is a very important day for me. The first big interview. My silence has been dragging on for a year and a half. To confess, to say it was not simple forces. During this time, the questions were many: why the left where the money is, why, why, when, who? To this day, sometimes I get scared of how much hate and anger swarming around. I had great difficulty to agree to this, however, an important conversation, because talking about the past and stop myself from crying still hard. I believe that an interview with Andrew once and for all put everything in its place, put an end to empty gossip and give us Plato the serenity,” wrote Shepelev a few hours before the broadcast.