Боня подтянула лицо, а Романец несколько раз переделывала нос Well-known beautician told what the procedures resorted to the stars to look like a million dollars. Zoe Evsyukova studied the pictures of celebrities and assume that they have done to bring to the ideal appearance.
Боня подтянула лицо, а Романец несколько раз переделывала нос

In the era of modern cosmetology and plastic surgery can easily correct natural flaws. And make it so that the interference is hardly noticeable. No wonder so many stars resort to the help of doctors. Cosmetologist and dermatologist Zoe Evsyukova on the example of celebrities told of how an ordinary girl can turn into a beauty Queen.

Angelina Jolie

What was done: rhinoplasty, implants in the area of the chin, removal of lumps bisha, fillers, breast implants.

Боня подтянула лицо, а Романец несколько раз переделывала нос

“Angelina – beauty from nature. I often hear the phrase: “Make me lips, cheekbones like angelina Jolie,” but lips plump beauty by nature, and spike (the constriction separating the “pad” at the center of the lower lip) – also own. With age, of course, the tissue volume is reduced, therefore, Jolie definitely has resorted to periodic injections of fillers gialuronovu acid, and in the middle third of the face (cheekbones beauty also makes the injectable fillers). As for the cheeks and a clear contour of the lower third of the face, here we see a gorgeous work of plastic surgeons: a successful rhinoplasty, implants in the area of the chin, the angle of the mandible and probably the removal of lumps bisha. Angelina also periodically receives treatments to stimulate the collagen production: cosmetic threads, ultrasonic lifting, injections dermatologo. Without them, her skin would look too gaunt, like a baked Apple. But all this would not have such an attractive look, if not for the charm and the fire in his eyes, and a sense of style that helps create an attractive image of the actress.

Victoria Bonia

What was done: permanent makeup, fillers, blepharoplasty, facelift.

Боня подтянула лицо, а Романец несколько раз переделывала нос

Looking at the pictures of the Wiki in my youth, I see a pretty girl without any outstanding features of the exterior, with tiny neat Breasts, shaped, moderately pointed chin, beautiful lips and normal proportions of the nose. Over its media life Vika much gain weight due to various reasons, then rapidly lose weight, that is the admiration for force of will, which is a girl, powerful, and we need to strive for such quality. By itself, the process of losing weight has led to the emergence of a clear outline of the face: pronounced cheekbones, smooth jawline. Lips girl transformed by permanent makeup and injectable fillers of hyaluronic acid, cheekbones also occasionally teasing. Chest made our colleagues – plastic surgeons. Definitely not without blepharoplasty and surgical lifting of facial contours. And, a priori, constant injections nourish the dermis drugs, bioreparant and biorevitalisation – for granted. Neatly done permanent makeup lip and eyebrow, lashes complete the look of sexy Mama and very popular personality.

Renata Litvinova

What was done: rhinoplasty, facelift, blepharoplasty.

Боня подтянула лицо, а Романец несколько раз переделывала нос

Renata is self – assured, talented actress and attractive woman and actress. Operated on the nose, causing the image became even more refined. Unlike most people we are discussing, lips, Renata prefers not to touch. Also noteworthy is “stretched” face, eyelids, no gruzevich formations, as well as the skin folds of the eyelids, so the surgeons tried their best, doing the actress a surgical facelift and blepharoplasty upper and lower eyelids. Obvious work with the quality of the skin with laser resurfacing and acid peels and professional treatments, face massages. Perfect hair and makeup finish the look of the Russian Marilyn Monroe.

Keti Topuria

What was done: rhinoplasty, botulinum toxin injections

Боня подтянула лицо, а Романец несколько раз переделывала нос

A talented singer whose voice cannot be confused or not know, listening to the radio. And willpower, forced the girl to lose weight, is only respect and motivates the weak half of the Russian audience, going to the gym and the suppression of appetite. Surgeons, too, have worked on glory: changed the nose, as you know, is the center of the face, the point which catches the eye first. Nobody cancelled the injection of botulinum toxin in the forehead and eyebrows, injection of hyaluronic acid into the skin (biorevitalization, mesotherapy, demandware), allowing it to be rehabilitated after many flights, the irregular schedule, which certainly has a negative impact on the quality of the skin. And the gym, drinking regime and proper diet help the singer and a young mom to always be in shape.

Anna Kalashnikova

Hyou did: rhinoplasty, removal of lumps bisha, facelift, breast implants, injections gialuronova acid.

Боня подтянула лицо, а Романец несколько раз переделывала нос

By nature Anya has pretty facial features that give the appearance of youthful spontaneity. But to create the image of the secular star she had to resort to a standard set of plastic surgeries: rhinoplasty, removal of lumps bisha, facial lifting, I don’t think it was a circular face lift, because now there are less traumatic methods with the use of endoscopes, fibers, and non-invasive cosmetic manipulation: ultrasound SMAS-lifting, laser resurfacing, and other hardware techniques. Breast surgery with use of silicone implants Anya did too. However, the ideal figure is still merit Ani, not doctors.

Vika Romanet

What did lips, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, injections gialuronova acid.

Боня подтянула лицо, а Романец несколько раз переделывала нос

Vika is still young and fresh, but the beautician appears regularly, as evidenced by: a perfectly smooth forehead – the merit of botulinum toxin, the effect of which lasts no more than 4-5 months, no nasolabial folds (injectable fillers gialuronova acid), pronounced “juicy” lips and cheekbones – all the same fillers gigalomaniac acid, which lasts 8-10 months, well, glowing skin – the result of “injecting food” for the skin. Also Vic a few times did a rhinoplasty and a boob job.

Eugene Feofilaktova

What was done: breast augmentation, lip; rhinoplasty, injection gialuronova acid.

Боня подтянула лицо, а Романец несколько раз переделывала нос

Eugene childhood was purposeful kind of student. And so individuals characterized by constant improvement. So the girl just decided on plastic surgery, but did have a show, creating an even greater interest in his person and through the Internet. The results of operations of the great: and the Breasts became larger and nose more carefully. Lips of Eugene increased by using Biogel, which inevitably led to their hypertrophy, because it was the collagen capsule, but now we see the lips smaller. Apparently, she removed the gel surgically, and uses of injectable fillers gialuronova acid. Obvious injectable fillers in the cheeks and botulinum toxin in the forehead. Gorgeous hair and makeup just add to perfection, in the modern sense, facial features of popular women.

Victoria Lopyreva

What did lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, implantation, cosmetic threads, injections of botulinum toxin.

Victoria, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women of our country, titled trophies beauty-sphere, a frequent visitor of clinics of plastic surgery and cosmetology. Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, periodic implantation of cosmetic threads, botulinum toxin injections in the forehead, eyebrows, the outer corners of the eyes, fillers of hyaluronic acid in the lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds, biorevitalization and more efficient injection “feeding” the skin is the basic procedure of all media persons. Like most modern divas, Victoria keeps herself in tight rein: diet, sports – the result is stunning, I can’t believe that not so long ago she was a chubby Peppa.