Bonia outraged words, seeking help for women with a defect of the face

Боня возмущена словами обратившейся за помощью женщины с дефектом лица TV presenter decided to give a large sum – 100 thousand roubles, random lucky. The money she planned to give single mother for treatment of cleft lip. But allegations of women from Nizhny Novgorod revolted insulted and Victoria Bonia.
Боня возмущена словами обратившейся за помощью женщины с дефектом лица

The Vine Surkovoy from Nizhny Novgorod congenital defect of the face – cleft lip and soft palate, which is popularly called cleft lip and cleft palate. Last week, she said the “StarHit” that appealed to Victoria Beaune for help, and she promised to be there for her. But according to Vines, the words of his did not keep. Victoria Bonia refused to help a young mother with a congenital defect of the face

Bonia now responded to the accusations. The star made a great post on Instagram that will compete for 100 thousand rubles, not just those who planned to give Surkovoy. The money will go to a random lucky person.

The presenter explained his actions. She said she really promised to help Surkovoy. However, counting on a certain amount – just on 100 thousand rubles to pay only the plastic lip. But after it became clear that correction of a defect a woman will need more, offered her another way out of the situation.

“The money I had to transfer the girl, who had promised to help to operate a “cleft” lip. But! When she received advice from a doctor, he said that this girl needs before fixing lips to first conduct the treatment, which included the installation of the pins, then implants, and then cosmetic surgery itself. I told her I can pay only a plastic lip, for the rest, I did not expect,” wrote Bonya.
Боня возмущена словами обратившейся за помощью женщины с дефектом лица

Moreover, Victoria admitted that she was offended by the public accusations Surkovoy in a lie. “Now she went to give interviews to all the Newspapers, telling how I “cheated”! I wrote her a PM, I will transfer the 100,000 to the pins/ But if she finds someone who is willing to do all treatment (and it is worth half a million rubles!), I am willing to give Instagram as a platform for barter, and for advertising to do the surgery. The girl said I would look for the doctor, and the next day I see articles where it is said (she turned me down and offered for is to find the doctor, about 100,000 rubles, there was not a word). You know, I just lost any desire to help this man! I decided that I’d rather help one of you the same money. You know why? Because it’s not about the money! The case against!” explained Victoria.

I must say that most of the subscribers Boni supported it – wrote a lot of nice words, there were those who won in her pranks, and they confirmed receipt of the prizes. Others remembered the old expression “good intentions pave the road to hell”, others advised not to ignore evil tongues.

31-year-old vine, single mother with two children, actually required two operations. And the total cost reaches about half a million rubles. Sorcova explained that can not do so, as proposed by Bonya to find a doctor who will agree to operate on her for the is page star. And believes that promises must be fulfilled. “I’m ready teeth to do in your city, but here I don’t know where this wizard for is to find as Bonia offers. She said, “You will do everything from a to z. Find the best specialist, but it is better to choose the option of advertising”. Victoria doesn’t owe me anything, but the man promised… What to do then? If you can’t do. It’s frustrating and painful,” – said Liana.