Боня пролила свет на причины расставания со Смерфитом The TV star admitted that she dreams of a big family. However, Alex smerfit, elect Victoria Boni, did not share her views on life. In a recent interview, the socialite admitted that this was one of the reasons she broke up with her boyfriend.
Боня пролила свет на причины расставания со Смерфитом

In early February Victoria Bonia surprised fans with an unexpected statement. The star admitted that he parted with the civil husband Alex Servicom, a father of a beautiful Angelina. Fans of Victoria was surprised by her words. “It so happened that our relationship turned into friendship, we really love each other, but a little bit different,” shared socialite.

Victoria Bonia parted with the civil husband

Victoria recently gave a Frank interview in which he shed light on the reasons for parting with the civil husband. Bonia said it has no plans to tell about the reasons of rupture with Servicom in detail. The star said that do not ever want to exaggerate the end of their relationship with the son of the Irish billionaire. The presenter also said that it is a normal part of Alex in various parties. “He is a handsome young guy, that’s fine,” said Victoria.

In addition, during the conversation with reporters Bonia admitted that dreams of a big family. However, the chosen celebrity has not supported the desire of the second half.

“At some point we realized that we were going in different directions. I dream of a big family, I want the second and third child. One of the reasons for the separation was the reluctance of Alex now to have more children. His main priority at the moment – realize themselves in a career. And it’s important for me to realize myself as a mother. Alex and humanly really love each other, but not enough. And I’m happy that he was that man able to let go,” shared the star.

According to Victoria Boni, she is able to adopt a child. Socialite offered Alex Smerfit to take this step, but he was “categorically against”.

We add that the socialite moved to Los Angeles. Victoria is actively settling down in America. The star added a daughter angelina in a local school and rented a luxurious mansion, located in one of the elite areas of the city. On their pages in social networks Bonia share impressions of their stay in the United States. “I have a feeling that I’ve always lived in this city and never left home,” wrote the celebrity on Twitter.

In a recent interview, Victoria also talked about the new novel. In recognition of the stars, her heart’s taken. “For some time I was alone, now it is not so,” said Bonia website of Hello magazine, adding that he broke up with Servicom in October of last year.