Боня посоветовала жене Дмитрия Тарасова смириться с изменой Presenter is sure that the player has repeatedly goes left. Victoria Bonia believes that the athlete was indeed guilty of infidelity. However, pregnant Anastasia Kostenko has no choice but to forgive him.

Victoria Bonia used openly communicate with fans. She often speaks on certain issues. Recently, the TV presenter went out live Instagram and shared his thoughts about the betrayal of Dmitri Tarasov.

We will remind, recently there have been reports that the footballer had fun in the company of an attractive blonde. She posted several photos, which were sealed ex-husband Buzovoy, but soon deleted them. However, Anastasia Costco rushed to defend wife and said he did not believe in adultery.

According to Boni, the betrayal was the place to be. However, the newly wife of a football player now has no choice but to forgive him.

“Tarasov cheated on his pregnant wife. I think it’s okay for men to have – no. It is in their nature. Well, now he was partying all found out about it. That can make his wife pregnant? Nothing. Except to accept it, because she found a man”, said Victoria.

Recall that the wedding of Dmitri and Anastasia took place at the end of January 2018. A few weeks before that there were rumors that the beloved football player’s pregnant, but she has not confirmed this information. This marriage was the third for Tarasov and the first for Kostenko.

Now the model often posts photos with her lover, not tired to mention how strong their feelings are.

Communicating with fans, Victoria Bonya said that in the future the behavior of Tarasova will only worsen. In her opinion, the player will not be able to get away from that lifestyle he was used to modify the chosen ones.

“Next will be even worse. He will cease to respect it, and will not even be compulsory to hide their infidelity. Now they have a candy-bouquet period, romance, but everything is ahead,” said Bonia.

By the way, the TV presenter also recently gone through a painful breakup. She parted with the civil husband Alex Servicom, with whom she had a daughter angelina. Later it became known that the man has a new fiancee. Bonya to the last hid the discord in the relationship, but still admitted to fans that now lives with the influential businessman from Monaco.

Fans of Dmitriy Tarasov split in opinion regarding the scandal around his infidelity. Most of them still believes that Anastasia should ignore nasty rumors and to continue to enjoy family happiness.