Bondarchuk was able to act only in handcuffs

Бондарчук смог сниматься только в наручниках
Directed by Vladimir Naumov remembered how adjusted on the role of a prisoner Sergei Bondarchuk.

Sergei Bondarchuk in the film “Taras Shevchenko” 1951

Vladimir Naumov has lived a long life in art. Suffice it to say that his first picture of “Taras Shevchenko” the amendments made by Stalin. Removing with Alexander Alowyn iconic Soviet paintings “World incoming”, “Nasty joke”, “Running”, “the Legend about tile”, “Tehran-43”, after the death of friend and co-author Vladimir Naumovich did not give up and remained in the cinema. He was always in the midst of Soviet and Russian cinema and has worked with all the prominent his masters.

That recalls Naumov about one of his student’s works: “the First assistant in my life Paradjanov, and the first actor Bondarchuk, he starred in my course work “Julius Fucik. A report from a noose around his neck”. Remember, we had to shoot the scene before her execution, Fuchika. We decided to do it in the corridor of the Institute of Cinematography, closer to the night, when the Institute was empty. The guys wandered off, looking for the right place. Sergei Parajanov found an empty corner with protruding rusted battery. He started to shoot, but we Bondarchuk felt that something was missing. Bondarchuk turned and took a few steps down the corridor. “Where are you going?” — I asked. “See, I can freely leave. Do something about it. I need to feel a closed space.” We conferred with the Parajanov, he left and 15 minutes later came back with the handcuffs: “Now you will be in a closed space.” Parajanov was a magician and all sorts of miracles did constantly. Chained Bondarchuk’s hand to the battery. “Well, that’s another matter. Now I feel like I narrowed space, and the smell of prison,” he said. By midnight we shot the episode. “Parajanov, — call, — give me the keys!” “What?” — “Handcuff”. He began to fumble in his pockets. It turned out that no keys in sight there.

There Bondarchuk rushed at him, but couldn’t get because he took a step back, as Dubrovsky from the bear, sitting on a chain. “Serge — calm Bondarchuk — I’ll sit here with you until morning, and then we’ll figure something out. The rest are free.” But to leave no one was going, couldn’t leave Bondarchuk. The idea to detach the battery from the wall: it was all rusty and rotten, so it’s possible. But Bondarchuk was as healthy as an ox, he pull their socks up and pulled the battery directly with a piece of the wall. But hand release failed — just had to drag this weight with me. There he is walking down the street, dragging the battery with a piece broken off of the wall, so on the trail to find us was very easy. Parajanov was given the task to find the handcuff keys. When he disappeared, I doubted: “I’m Afraid Paradjanov today does not appear”. And Bondarchuk said: “will be appear, otherwise we will kill him tomorrow”. And Parajanov did return, and brought some old man, who, armed with a file, freed him”.

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