Бондарчук запретил Паулине Андреевой сниматься обнаженной

Colleagues, 49-year-old Director and 27-year-old actress, who’s about to become husband and wife, told reporters about their relationship on the set.

Theodore and Pauline for a long time not hide their relationship: appear together at social events and getting ready for the wedding. And recently it became known that Bondarchuk filmed Andreev in one of their projects – series “Sleepers.” The girl, of course, got the main role, but it is very different from her previous works. Scenario Paulina plays a romantic and sweet girl, and the whole plot revolves around her person. But a funny thing happened when Fedor ruled out any explicit scenes in which he had to withdraw his beloved…

As writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, it was promoted by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Earlier, Andreev allowed himself Nude scenes (which is only her work in the movie “Locusts”!).

Also the members of the crew of a new draft of a novel told reporters that Fedor is very jealous Pauline. “He’s a joke to Dima Ulyanov shook his finger, saying, look, don’t spoil,” says one of the employees. — So that men with Paulina on the set was very respectful and kept their distance”.

For the TV show what Paulina was special conditions. To the site it brought Fedor, although she put a private car. In addition, all the scenes with her were filmed in advance, thereby reducing her work schedule for a few weeks.

By the way!

Feydor Bondarchuk met the family of Paulina. And this became known from the social networks. The younger brother of the actress, 16-year-old Boris, published on his page “Vkontakte” the Fedor in the country. “Nothing I will write here and so everything is clear,” signed by Boris publikaciy. See the photos HERE.

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