Bondarchuk and Andreev was finally declassified

Бондарчук и Андреева окончательно рассекретились

The producer spent the evening in a circle of friends with his beloved.

Last night the film “Love with an accent” by Rezo Gigineishvili, published in Instagram a picture where he is having dinner with friends.

“I realized that I miss my friends,” signed photo, Gigineishvili. However, attention was drawn to a delicious dinner, while the famous couple’s rare to find together.

We are talking about actress Paulina Andreeva and famous producer Fyodor Bondarchuk. In the photo the couple looks very peaceful, Fedor gently embracing the beloved, who is obviously very happy judging by the way she smiles.

I must say that the Director himself is also just glows with happiness and with his lover literally blows away dust. It is not surprising that he does not regret anything for her.

Recently Fedor and Pauline had a rest in Spain. They spent a little less than a month. The couple lived in a private Villa near Barcelona, in a two story house on the first line to the sea with pool and private beach. Beloved out for shopping in Italy, where Bondarchuk Andreeva made a truly Royal gift – a necklace for 4 million rubles.

Recall, after the divorce, Fedor Bondarchuk with wife Svetlana in the press began to discuss his new novel with a young actress Paulina Andreeva. However, until recently all this was only speculation. Now it became officially known: Fedor Bondarchuk is in a relationship with Paulina Andreeva.

This was announced at the closing ceremony of the festival “Kinotavr-2016” in Sochi. Fyodor Bondarchuk did not hesitate to hold his beloved’s hand and happily posed with her reporters on the red carpet.