Бондарчук и Андреева вместе посетили светский раут после слухов о расставании The couple appeared at the premiere of the film “Hostage”. Contrary to talks about problems in the relationship between them, Bondarchuk and Andreev looked very happy and the whole evening holding hands.
Бондарчук и Андреева вместе посетили светский раут после слухов о расставании

Yesterday in Moscow “House of cinema” premiere “Hostage” Rezo Gigineishvili. In the ribbon, directed starred a young Georgian actors and stars of Russian cinema. Special attention on the red carpet was chained to a pair of Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva. A few days ago in the Network there were rumors that the Director and the actress broke up. Supposedly she got tired of waiting for the wedding, so they left. Happy loving couple denied speculation on. Paulina kept the chosen one by the hand, and both looked very happy. Media reported about the fight of Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva

By the way, the premiere was also attended by the ex-wife of Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk. She posed willingly on press-wall in the company of friends, Hope Obolentseva and Ulyana Sergeenko. For the release of the journalist chose a bold ensemble: a lace dress and long jacket, decorated with Burgundy sequins. Because Svetlana and Fedor managed to part friends, they are not embarrassed to be face-to-face at events. By the way, as the mother of the Director Irina Skobtseva, the ex-wife did not officially divorce.

Бондарчук и Андреева вместе посетили светский раут после слухов о расставании

Despite the age difference, Pauline and Theodore understand each other. Many have said that the meeting with the young actress greatly influenced the film makers. Bondarchuk began to lead a healthy lifestyle and lost weight. Often the pair have to work together. Soon will be a “Myths about Moscow” with the participation of Pauline and Theodore. The girl got the main role.

“Fedor is an amazing man, he is the giver, he is “pomagalski” – speaks of the Novel Andreev. – He is charismatic and charming leader. Wherever he appeared, he immediately becomes the center of the composition. Fedor is contagious as a child. He totally focused on passport data. It is from this free.”

Colleagues who worked alongside the couple, it was said that even on set is seen as a caring Fedor and Pauline.

“They have a very romantic relationship, said “StarHit” actor Denis Borodin used in the movie “Myths about Moscow.” – Fedor watching his beloved, sometimes even secretly. It is evident that he is crazy about her. Tried to make sure she was always comfortable – and a jacket to throw over the shoulders, and hot tea will bring. Sometimes during the breaks they went to lunch at the nearest restaurant.”