Bodyguard Miranda Kerr seriously injured

Телохранитель Миранды Керр тяжело ранен
The robber hit the “security” knife.

Miranda Kerr


Yesterday, neighbors of 33-year-old model Miranda Kerr, who lives nearby from her house in
Malibu, involuntarily witnessed a large-scale police action, involving
special forces and helicopter. Defenders of order called to home model for call one
of the locals who reported the shooting on the estate of Miranda.
As it turned out, one of the bodyguards of stars shot from the gun at the unknown man, trying to sink into the possession of Kerr. Details about the incident reported
foreign media, including the Daily Mail.

It all started with the fact that the security guard saw a man, one person climbed
the fence surrounding the estate of Miranda. He tried to detain unknown,
but he attacked him with a knife and wounded. Bodyguard Kerr in response, still found the strength to shoot three times
the attacker, after which he collapsed to the ground. Both wounded were taken to the hospital. According to the doctors, the wounds of the bodyguard
pose an immediate danger to his life. At the same time attacked
on him is in critical condition. It is assumed that the offender
entered in the estate for the purpose of robbery. Some sources report that he is

As for Miranda, her or a son, five year old Flynn, at that time was not at home. Kerr
I bought a Malibu mansion and surrounding land in 2014, after
she divorced her husband and Flynn’s father Orlando bloom. How many times
recognized model, she is delighted with its acquisition. “I fell in love
this house at first sight. It is very well located: far enough from
water, so that the building is protected from tide and wind. And at the same time from the Windows
beautiful views of the ocean. Besides, there is a lovely garden, where
can play Flynn!” — told Kerr. But the main advantage of this house
according to Miranda, is that the area in which it is located,
hidden behind the trees and provides privacy. Alas,
as it turned out, in practice, Kerr misjudged the dignity and safety of the area.