Bodyguard, Kylie Jenner denied rumors about cheating

Телохранитель Кайли Дженнер опроверг слухи об изменах

Fans of Kylie Jenner looking for news, this time having caught a girl cheating on her fiance Travis Scott, from which she gave birth to a daughter Stormy. Fans speculated that Kylie tied a romantic relationship with her bodyguard, Tim Chung, they say, Stormy is not strong like his father. The journalists decided to find out the truth.

Tim got in after hours and decided to ask who’s the father? Of course, because of the unexpectedness of the question squarely bodyguard Jenner decided not to comment on the situation. The man just didn’t know how to put it and not to offend any of the members of the family, Kylie and Scott, and not to start new rumors. Soon, the bodyguard decided to speak on account of the assumptions fans and assured everyone that they are absolutely absurd. “I’m a very private person and usually never respond to the gossip and stories that are ridiculous. Out of deep respect for Kylie, Travis, their daughter and their families I would like to say that my relationship with Kylie and her family was limited to my professional responsibilities. There’s no story here, and I ask that the media never included me in any story that discreditied their family.”

However, such attention to his person, even for such speculation on the guy’s hand. In addition to protecting VIPs, Chung moonlights as a model. Note that after the recent online gossip, the instagram account of Tim was added to 200 thousand subscribers.

Recall that Jenner is so happy at the birth of the baby that can not help looking a little Stormy. Kylie even told my twitter followers about who you look like her child, and certainly not on Chung. She did this by joining the dialogue with one of the fans. The reader is asked Kylie how her daughter. “It is very similar to me in infancy,” responds the star in question is a subscriber and adds that looks at it literally all day.

Thanks to his father Kylie Jenner, Kathleen Jenner, you can see how Stormy would look like in a few months. Congratulating her daughter with the birth of a baby, the father posted on his instagram photo, which shows Kylie in infancy.