Тело экс-участницы «ДОМа-2» нашли в ванной On the death of Polina Lobanova said her sister, Vasilisa. As it turned out, the body of ex-member of the famous electroni found early in the morning in the bathroom. According to relatives, the cause of death could be an overdose of illicit drugs.
Тело экс-участницы «ДОМа-2» нашли в ванной

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Polina Lobanova July 1, was 20 years old. Three days later, after the feast her body was found in a strange apartment.

Reported the girl’s death her sister, Vasilisa. She can’t believe what happened. “Guys, Polina died. Help! 20 years old, honey”, – she wrote in microblogging.

The details of the death of a colleague told Paulina at reality show Dmitry Talibov, which tied her short-lived romance during the TV show. According to him, Lobanova could die from an overdose of illicit substances. She was found in someone else’s apartment early this morning.

“Yes, she was drugged, probably. Soon to be expertise. She was in my apartment, I don’t know this man. We have no parents, I was brought up. She moved out from me, wanted adult life. I the police called”, – told the “StarHit” sister Pauline Vasilisa.
Тело экс-участницы «ДОМа-2» нашли в ванной

Dmitry Talibov said that on the eve in the evening Pauline went to have fun.

“I called my sister. She confirmed that Polina night partying in the club. She was a kind of bad, and the guy took her in. On the morning he had saw that she was dead. Called the police, ambulance, examination. It seems to say that an overdose of drugs”, – told ex-boyfriend Lobanova.
Тело экс-участницы «ДОМа-2» нашли в ванной

Vasilisa noted that earlier Pauline had not used banned substances. She also asked that concerned people helped her as she was left alone. Later appeared a version that Lobanov had committed suicide near a bathtub, was found empty blister packs of pills.

Polina took part in the “House-2” only two months – from October to December last year. Initially she planned to win the love of Yaroslav Chertkov, who had previously dated her sister Vasilisa. Relative participating telestroke with it, appeared in one of the programs. She told adolescence Polina was not easy. Yes, and it was not very warm.

“I was 23, I met a man we started to live together. It turned out that she started to sleep with him, she was 13 years old – said Vasilisa the last year. – It is clear that men are dogs, but how could you do this sister? For me it was a shock.”

However, Pauline did not consider his older sister as an example to follow. She admitted that she had to observe the intimate life of Vasilisy in their apartment. “Yes, it would be better in an orphanage than with you,” throwing sharp phrases Lobanov.