Bodrov-the senior for the first time openly speaks about her son’s death

Бодров-старший впервые откровенно говорит о смерти сына

Since the terrible tragedy, which killed Sergei Bodrov Jr. and his crew, it’s been 14 years. For the first time openly since the father of the Director spoke about how he survived grief.

Bodrov-the senior admitted that he would be willing to swap places with her son if it would have saved his life: “as Time passed, flies with great force. But I remember only too well. None of the parents would not wish such a tragedy, – said Bodrov. – I would like him to trade places. I would like to replace it with this picture, with this project. He lived the way he wanted. I tried to dissuade him to make this film. It seemed to me that he is in a hurry. Happened everything that happened.”

Sergey admitted that to cope with grief, which collapsed on him, he was helped by “a great wave of human sympathy”.

“I had a desire to be alone, on the other hand went a great wave of human sympathy. It was important and gave me strength, told Bodrov. Is still going on. Even in the taiga, the Yenisei people remember, were talking. It’s some kind of phenomenon, I was not ready for that”.

Now Sergey lives in the United States, but every year he comes to the place where his son died to honor his memory.