Бочкарева и Казанова прояснили слухи об обмане в шоу «Звезды под гипнозом» Celebrities have been tested on the lie detector in the program “really” to shed light on the speculation of the public. After the premiere of “Star under hypnosis,” some expressed doubts about the veracity of what is happening on the filming with Maxim Galkin.
Бочкарева и Казанова прояснили слухи об обмане в шоу «Звезды под гипнозом»

Day after day, discussing the First channel show “Star under hypnosis”. The project is showing high ratings, provoked heated debate. Some have accused the producers of a program fraud. According to them, ISA Bagirov was not hypnotized celebrities, and advance with them says the behavior in the frame.

Galkin and Kharlamov quarreling from the show “Stars under hypnosis”

In the program “really” tried to understand the confusing situation. The Studio program has created all the stars who took part in the resonance project. They have been tested on a lie detector to uncover the truth about the deception of the ISA Bagirov and his colleagues. Special guest of the show was the world-famous psychic and mentalist Lior Suchard.

Talking about the experience on the set of the show “Stars under hypnosis”, Sati Casanova laughed. Baghirov managed to convince the singer that her twin brother, Arkady Ukupnik, and to force the artist to believe in its similarity with Hope Babkina.

“I consider myself negilable. I resisted ISE Bagirov, but he offered to cooperate. When I relaxed, he was able to hypnotize me. I felt lighter, was in a state of intoxication,” said Sati.
Бочкарева и Казанова прояснили слухи об обмане в шоу «Звезды под гипнозом»

Examiner Roman Ustyuzhanin confirmed that Casanova is really hypnotized. According to the artist, she did not conspire with Bagirov. Experts show Shepelev came to the conclusion that Casanova doesn’t lie.

In the program-detector test and passed the other star contestants of the TV show – Marina Kim and Elena borscheva. ISA Bagirov convinced the leadership that she’s watching an erotic movie, and the Joker started a new life in the hospital. “Of course, hypnosis does exist. I was in a strange condition, it has changed under the influence of Bagirov. He didn’t ask to play along,” said Kim. Similar responses were and Elena Borscheva. Experts “actually” said that celebrities don’t lie.

Бочкарева и Казанова прояснили слухи об обмане в шоу «Звезды под гипнозом»

Latest with polygraph talked Natalia Bochkareva and Lior Suchard. Special invitee, told how he came to his lesson. “I learned about my own abilities in early childhood. I have always liked performing and making people happy. I was interested in what the thinking process of why people make the choices they do,” said Lior. When the mentalist sat in the chair, the instruments showed that his heart rate is 203 beats per minute, and the computer polygraph Roman Ustyuzhanin has failed. “This can’t be a healthy person. It’s fantastic,” said presenter Dmitry Shepelev. Then Susan lowered heart rate.

On the set of “Star under hypnosis,” Natalia Bochkareva was made to believe that she is a lawyer.

“I believe that when you do want to get into this state then you get. But if I put the indoor units, it is possible that neither the hypnotist will not be able to hypnotize you, – said the actress. – Yes, hypnosis works. In this show I was in an altered state of consciousness.”
Бочкарева и Казанова прояснили слухи об обмане в шоу «Звезды под гипнозом»

Polygraph examiners stated the truthfulness of the words of Bochkareva. The star was under the influence of ISA Bagirov. The experts then moved on to checking the mentalist invited from abroad. “I very rarely use hypnosis. It is not dangerous. Today, I did not use hypnosis. I don’t read the very thoughts, I read a variety of implicit messages,” said Susan. Experts noted that it does not distort reality.

At the end of the program the psychologist Konstantin Sargsyan spoke about the occupation of the Suchard. “He inspires that you then make. For example, I say: “Dima, write the numbers”. And I know that he will write six, because commanded to do so. I admire the ability and talent of Lior. But it’s not a miracle, not hit. Lior is an amazing guy who is very good at doing their job,” – he said.