“Bob, happy birthday!” stars congratulated Sergei Tsoi anniversary

«Петрович, с днем рождения!» – звезды поздравили Сергея Цоя с юбилеем Today politician is celebrating the 60th anniversary. Celebrities were quick to leave their wishes wife Anita Tsoy and thank him for his many years of friendship. Entertainers with great respect and in awe of the man, and therefore are unable to ignore this special day for him.
«Петрович, с днем рождения!» – звезды поздравили Сергея Цоя с юбилеем

On 23 April, Sergei Petrovich Tsoi, husband of singer Anita Tsoy, turns 60. In honor of the holiday, his beloved wife and friends policy via “StarHit” expressed congratulations on the anniversary.

Anita Tsoy:

“To say that I simply love – it is nothing to say. I adore him, I respect immensely and am proud that I am his wife, soul mate and part of his life. It’s an honor to wear his name and be the mother of his wonderful son.
«Петрович, с днем рождения!» – звезды поздравили Сергея Цоя с юбилеем

And I wish him to 60 years for Petrovich became the beginning of a most interesting and vivid in his life. Let this age is a new beginning in a new era. Don’t stop – love friends and family, breathe deeply, fight and achieve their goals! I know how you love to travel, visit friends and like dreaming to win the first Olympic gold for his karate. I’m sure all will come true and you are ahead of a very much more interesting. Be the most happy, and then all of us who love you, people will be happy with you! Always yours Anita.”

Vladimir Presnyakov-younger, the singer:

«Петрович, с днем рождения!» – звезды поздравили Сергея Цоя с юбилеем

“Petrovich and I go way back – more than ten years. He is a real man, and I really respect him. Them with Anita family exactly like ours, tradition minded, loves to gather around the table during the holidays – we are very similar. I want to say that when you’re close to Petrovich (as, indeed, to Anicca), immediately begin a positive charge is next to this couple it is impossible not to smile. If someone of them will call me at five in the morning and say, “let’s climb Everest!” – I, without thinking, go, quickly wearing some kind of robe… Because Peter and Anita – people from the sun.”

Bari Alibasov, the producer:

«Петрович, с днем рождения!» – звезды поздравили Сергея Цоя с юбилеем

“Dear Sergei Petrovich! No idea what today would have been my life if not for you in my biography. Without a doubt, it would be much more boring… so Many beautiful, emotional and hilarious moments gave me a familiarity with you, do not count! I heartily congratulate you happy birthday! Today is a good day because I was born such a beautiful person like you, and I’m sure it will confirm everyone who is familiar with you. Let your life will be more joyful and happy days!”


«Петрович, с днем рождения!» – звезды поздравили Сергея Цоя с юбилеем

“Sergei Petrovich, count, relatives, because the wife of my son Andrew is Korean by name Choi and my grandson is half Korean. So I considered Sergei’s younger brother and want him as noble continued his life, as did all the previous 60 years. You and your charming Anita and a wonderful son Sergei – a lovely family. Wait, when you become grandparents!”


«Петрович, с днем рождения!» – звезды поздравили Сергея Цоя с юбилеем“Our dear Mr. Petrovich! I congratulate you happy birthday and wish that the energy charge you for your entire life giving to others, the sun, spewing locomotive of energy that live in your whole life, there was still at least 60 years! And to dear Ritochka you always protect and support the energy that you burn. Petrovich, beloved, happy birthday! Be healthy, happy and in love and rich! And let all the friends you give your energy, will always be with you!”


«Петрович, с днем рождения!» – звезды поздравили Сергея Цоя с юбилеем

“Sergei Petrovich, I congratulate you happy birthday! You and Aniday I have been friends for many years and I can say that your family is perfect and you are the man. Without hesitation or exaggeration, you’re exactly the person with whom you can safely go scouting. On this festive day I wish you one of the most important – health. And yet, that we often see, and that you live in the same city, but are less common than the people are scattered in different continents”.


“Serge, happy to congratulate you with the anniversary. Love you and know how strong you are man, keep it up, then. Success to you all! I wish your son Serezha continued your success, and you always were proud of them, because, as you know, our future is in the hands of our children!”