Bob Dylan is not pleased Yuri Loza

Боб Дилан не угодил Юрию Лозе

Yesterday it became known that the Nobel prize for literature this year received a rock musician Bob Dylan. 75-year-old American musician who is a living legend of rock, have succeeded in another industry. “Development of a new poetic expression in the American song tradition” — the inscription on the award’s official website.

Боб Дилан не угодил Юрию Лозе

The representative of the Swedish Academy Sara Danius said that Dylan is, without exaggeration is considered a “great English poet” and that “his songs should be read.” Victory rocker surprised the audience, because the main contender for victory was considered by Japanese writer Haruko Murakami. Against was the Russian singer – latter-day critic Yuri Loza, forgetting to keep his opinions to himself. According to the executor of the hit “the Raft”, Bob Dylan received this award, because “the American song tradition – a hundred years”, and “European song tradition rooted in antiquity”.

Vine said, a hundred Nobel prize Russia has put forward Vladimir Vysotsky lyric song which can also be read as poetry.
“Why in American culture it is necessary to give a global prize? We have Vysotsky more invested in the Russian culture, but his candidacy for the Nobel prize had not considered! And his Bob Dylan is in China and Japan, and everywhere as many as you want. But the Nobel prize nobody gives” — said Yuri.
Vine unhappy choice award in principle, and believes that one of the most prestigious awards became a “pocket American award.” Lyrics Bob Dylan, in the opinion of the jury, no one listens, and certainly not going to read like poetry.
“There it no poetry! They know nobody knows and nobody has heard of! His poems never translated. And his songs, no orchestra in the world played, and he was never considered! Bob Dylan is a normal bard, which in any country in bulk!” — troubled performer.


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