Bloggers “Nimage” appeared in the scandal center from-for criminal case on libel

Блогеры «Немагия» оказались в центре скандала из-за уголовного дела о клевете Mikhail Pecherskiy and Alexei Pskovites urgently needed the assistance of a lawyer. One of the residents of Kemerovo, who shot a resonant movie about Oleg tin’kove and his Bank, raided the home with the investigative activities.
Блогеры «Немагия» оказались в центре скандала из-за уголовного дела о клевете

Early Wednesday blogger Michael Pechersky, who, together with Aleksey Pskovians leads YouTube channel of the project “Nimage” urgently got in touch with subscribers. He reported that his colleague came law enforcement officers. Police said that the figures of the Internet was initiated a criminal case under article about slander. According to journalists, the task force flew to Kemerovo, where they live caves and Esculetin from Moscow.

“The situation is. I called Alex and said to him, rushed into the apartment field investigators and conduct investigations. Extra go out, because there is no way to write a blog on this topic. I got through to them, they are just asking. The basis of claims that some criminal case. Just ask where I am, and all. Alex couldn’t come to the phone”, – said Mikhail Pechersky.
Блогеры «Немагия» оказались в центре скандала из-за уголовного дела о клевете

On the eve of the lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that the DND turned to him with a request for assistance for the upcoming trial with the Bank “Tinkoff”. The lawyer commented on the situation “StarHit”.

“Against guys two lawsuits: in the Kemerovo arbitration court of Moscow from Tinkov. They called me last night when I was searched. I want to help them, because the proceedings will be unequal: on the one hand financial Corporation, and on the other regular guys. At the same time I was stopped that they were expressed unflattering to my address”, – said the Zhorin “StarHit”.

According to the lawyer, while that cave and Esculetin not come in contact with him. “There are a lot of things that cause the issues. First: it is unclear why the RAM was called from Moscow, because in Kemerovo has its own divisions of the Investigative Committee. I wonder who paid for. Second, why the case was opened in the capital, and not on the crime scene. Believe that their case is being considered under the second paragraph of the article on libel. Conduct searches with this accusation is very strange. Such actions against bloggers – too much,” said Sergei.

Later, the blogger Yuri Khovanskii support colleagues and shot video, which spoke about the search of the house of Alexei Pskovitianka. A resident of St. Petersburg called the actions of the representatives of Oleg Tinkov “setup” and recalled his conflict with the producer Kirill Kalashnikov.

The “gang” showdown in St. Petersburg, provoked a scandal on the Network

Блогеры «Немагия» оказались в центре скандала из-за уголовного дела о клевете“He did, broke down the door, barged in, something withdraw. (…) What they are looking for a home Alexei? What are they trying to install? When I had a situation with a Kalashnikov, he even wanted announced. He just “extinguished” and no one is taking any action – no scours, does not give him wanted. And here for the video on the Internet quickly had a court decision and came home. The group from Moscow”, – said the Khovansky.

After some time, bloggers have posted a video of the searches in the house of Alexei Pskovian on your live channel. Police, who rushed to the young man, introduced themselves as employees of the Main Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, located on Petrovka, 38.

“19-th of said to come in for questioning in Moscow as a witness in the case Tinkov. Searched me, grandma. Said witnesses searched. They’re from Moscow – the plane, and once here,” – shared Pskovites.
Блогеры «Немагия» оказались в центре скандала из-за уголовного дела о клевете

We will remind that in August the famous bloggers “Nimage” released a parody video dedicated to the head of the credit organization Oleg to Tinkoff, which criticized the man and his work. After that Pskovian and caves filed a suit about protection of business reputation. Lawyers Tinkov has estimated the damage caused to their client, 500 thousand rubles. In early September, Roskomnadzor announced that the work of Alexei and Mikhail will be banned for viewing.

Video of the caves and Pskovian provoked heated debate on the Network. Bloggers have found both supporters and opponents condemning young people for creating too much, in their opinion, the provocative clip. So, Sergey Minaev commented negatively about the work of the inhabitants of Kemerovo and described them as “a type of simple boys from the provinces” who have earned a name for itself in harsh criticism of the capital’s celebrities. “Pupils and students yelling – all right, so they need to Troll” – ironically said the chief editor of glossy magazines for men.

At the same time to protect the figures of the Internet stood up and Telegram the founder of “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov, who spoke against blocking the acclaimed video.

Блогеры «Немагия» оказались в центре скандала из-за уголовного дела о клевете“You can agree or disagree with the manner of the filing of the bloggers, but their right to Express their opinion is sacred. So let’s hit the maximum ban repost of the video. At the same time your repost will help someone to avoid credit yoke”, – said the businessman.