Блогеры Даниил Комков и Марьяна Ро устроили разборки из-за 20 миллионов The stars of the Internet are going to solve the arisen conflict between them through the courts. Mariana Ro decided to turn to Sergei Gorino. The girl said that her Lumps were cheated and blackmailed. At the same time, Daniel accuses Mariana in improper and irresponsible conduct.
Блогеры Даниил Комков и Марьяна Ро устроили разборки из-за 20 миллионов

Discussing the conflict between 18-year-old Internet star Maryana Rozhkova and her 22-year-old producer Daniel Comcover, who also maintains a blog on the Internet. Young people are going to resolve their differences in court. The reason for the showdown was the decision Rozhkova to terminate the contract with Comcover. The girl also accused him of attempted blackmail.

In turn Daniel says that Mariana has violated the terms of the signed agreement and is now trying to evade responsibility. According Komkova, he paid a considerable sum for cooperating with the girl and now going to get a refund, calculate six-figure sums.

“I honestly served in the service at Mariana Ro. I was the producer. I signed with her two contracts – production and licensing. Under one contract I am the only official representative of Maryana Rozhkova in all countries, and under another contract for 20 million rubles I have purchased all the rights to results of intellectual activity Mariana from 2016 to 2019 gg, inclusive,” – said Daniel in a recent video.

Rozhkova turned to Sergei Gorino, as reported in Instagram. She also urged social media users to tell her about the abuses by Daniel Komkova. According to Mariana, she does not tolerate injustice.

“Do you like when you insult? Intimidated? Kidding? I don’t like. So I decided to stop cooperating with his former agent Daniel. If someone is about something agreed with Daniel, write to me directly, and I’m sure we can find a solution,” – shared the girl.

Mariana says that Daniel was being dishonest, when it came to financial matters. However, Lumps explains the behavior Rozhkova desire to earn more money. According to the producer, in a fit of emotions the girl once called it “the filth and the filthy louse”. “How can the son of a bitch to ride in the Mercedes?” – leads Lumps alleged words Rozhkova.

According to Daniel, he was contacted by the lawyer of the company of lawyer Sergei Gorina. The producer expressed doubts about the qualifications of the Bureau reminded the public about the Affairs of avtooptika Eric how to check engine temperature, the prisoner into custody, and bloggers “Nimage”, which was a conflict with the banker Oleg Tinkov. In his video Lumps also said that you would know the people allegedly defrauded Rozhkova. Among them, Daniel called the star of the series “Fizruk” Polina grents.

Meanwhile, the Network discuss a recent candid interview with Maryana Rozhkova YouTube channel, “The People.” According Komkova, 95% of the information is “false, untrue”. A similar view was earlier expressed by Yan Gordienko. To protect Mariana stood her partner Ivan Dremin, better known as the rapper Face. According to some, he did offer Rozhkova, and she said Yes. Ivan threatened anyone who slanders his girlfriend. Unexpectedly intervened in the conflict blogger Nikolay Sobolev, Dremina advised to stay away from his friends.