Блогеры слили в Сеть новую серию «Битвы экстрасенсов» Internet users are delighted with the tests. Main characters are experts on magic, Abdullah Zakharova and Silvina Barnaula. They demonstrated their technique, while looking for the woman shown in the pictures. Now the audience has to choose the strongest mage.

Soon will start the eighteenth season of “the Battle of psychics”, so fans are already trying to find new information about heroes, who will be competing for the title of strongest. Bloggers Youtube follow the mystical events of the show, which airs on channel TNT. Gera Safin, who often encouraged thousands of people view your channel roller-parodies, posted a video called “Psychics lead the investigation. The final.”

The tarragon, actress school: what we know about the participants of the casting of the new “Battle of psychics”

A 15-minute recording Gera and his friends act out the scenes that will be familiar to fans of the project. Safin appeared in the form of Marat Basharova, wearing a voluminous scarf and a hat, as the presenter. Besides, he starred as the psychic androna Shuisky. Netizens said that it is very similar to Alexander Sheps in demeanor and confidence.

The main characters of issue of Hera were the psychics Abdullah Zakharova and Silvina Barnaula. The first was struck by the extravagant appearance. She appeared before a film crew in a shiny suit, pink glasses and bright blue lipstick.

“I need money to pay for the operation,” Abdullah explained their willingness to participate in the “Battle of psychics.”
Блогеры слили в Сеть новую серию «Битвы экстрасенсов»

As in the real transmission, the party proposed to examine three pictures, and then find a girl who was depicted on them. With a task witch can’t handle, erroneously stating that the person has died. However, the 38-year-old woman alive.

The second test took place Barnaula played by the RAF. “I’m a professional artist I paint pictures. Put protection to your house, as many members of your battle pytajutsja to penetrate my pussy,” – said Silvina.

The psychic wanted to prove to the audience that war is not an act. She managed to find her, though the test was very difficult: she was distracted by the demons. The woman appeared before her in a masculine way and said that he was going to have a sex change. In a private conversation with the heroine Barnaula gave advice: do not attempt to transform yourself.

Блогеры слили в Сеть новую серию «Битвы экстрасенсов»

The subscribers of the channel Hera enthusiastically embraced this movie. “Here he is a quality, skillfully made content!”, “Marat Basharov in the performance of Hera is a masterpiece”, “awesome Video, as always you are mega cool actors, Chloe at the star of psychic. My vote for it,” – wrote in comments to the record.