Блогер Полина Пушкарева поделилась своими наблюдениями о россиянках в Европе
Trip abroad for many girls becomes a real event – a bright and desirable.

Блогер Полина Пушкарева поделилась своими наблюдениями о россиянках в Европе

But, changing the place of residence, few of them change their habits, Outlook, way of life. In the end, to understand that before you – a former resident of Russia, is very simple. What types of Russian girls you can meet in Europe, says Pauline Pushkareva (Nioly) – blogger, influencer, Internet entrepreneur, author of the unique course “Renegerate”.

Type 1. Amerotica

A girl of this type is easy to calculate the abundance of labels on clothing. She thinks that in Europe only go to the “Louisvitton” and “Chanel”, so before you go perplexing wardrobe renewal in accordance with their views. However, purchased in the Moscow market “Gardener” and not in branded boutiques, which looks on the streets of Western cities is ridiculous and cheap.
“Of the main interests of Emiratis: ready to sell his soul for a date with a Frenchman, whose salary is more than 3000 euros per month,” notes influencer Pauline Pushkarev.

Type 2. Pokecommunity

Someone really catches the spirit of competition and the opportunity to cheer for your favorite team, but most of the championship is seen as an opportunity to meet his fate and settle abroad. To increase your odds, a girl attends a language course and learning to cook.
According to the observations of the blogger Nioly: “Representative of this type of found her husband in the championship and firmly believes that he is the same a ticket to the “happy life”. He runs a blog about moving, having lived in the country just one month. Writes posts about the fact that all the French change, but Jerome was, because she is caring and meets it in the new underwear and meat in French”.
A characteristic feature of the “policeminority” that all other Russian she despises. Just the fact that he considers himself a foreigner (a”real French”). Never mind that since she moved it took only 30 days.

3. Former classmate

The girl of this type comes not alone but in the company of close relatives: younger brother, father, mother, and grandmother. Her strongly developed family, which independent travel to Europe, she does not even consider – after all, the chance to rest and new experiences belong to all the people that she loves.
“Before leaving in a mysterious zabugore representative of this type makes the shellac and lashes from another former classmate, and hopes to meet with the lovely Francois and Roman, like from the movies, says entrepreneur and author of the unique course “Renegerate” Polina Pushkarev. – On the street exclusively in berets. As a souvenir to your friends lucky charms with the Eiffel tower.”
Former classmate usually knows little about the realities of European life. And its idea of the trip is often different than what is encountered in reality.

Type 4. Blogery

People are passionate and creative, but rarely their own capabilities commensurate with the needs. Going abroad exclusively for the 1267 content to its subscribers. Of course, the return on this audience is not large, so it about turning blogista in the business, and even more so, its zoom is not.
“Blogery necessarily having Breakfast at Cafe Kitsune, takes the picture of a macaron from Laduree by the Louvre and evening shoots in the stories, as watching the movie “Amelie,” says Internet entrepreneur Pauline Pushkarev. – In the post writes about the top 10 places to go in Paris. In one of them she was not.”

Type 5. Garesnica

According to the blogger Polina Pushkareva, garesnica fly to Europe for my mom’s money or saving up, taking off group on film.

“Time these girls spend discussing with friends interview Dude and drinking wine for 4 euros on the canal Saint-Martin. After that go to the centre Pompidou,” shares Nioly.

As you can see, to recognize representatives of the above types abroad is quite simple. They always stand out against the locals and, naturally, against the background of Russian tourists too.

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