Блогер Лиля Правда рассказала, как загадать желание, чтобы оно точно исполнилось
Blogger Lily the Truth offered to its audience in Instagram and all who wish to learn how to make wishes in new year’s eve.

Блогер Лиля Правда рассказала, как загадать желание, чтобы оно точно исполнилось

“New year and wishes that night!

What new year’s wish is different from wanting any other day)))


New year’s eve too many reasons to believe in his desire. The chiming clock, champagne glass, time is 00:00, the Christmas tree, it all looks like one big magic and ritual for everyone! But any other day it’s not.

Well, take away the fifth of June for example: Park, you’re tired, sat on the bench, languishing in the heat and make a wish)) Or February 8, came home, warmed up in the bathroom, went to bed, made a wish))) In any normal day to tune as you can tune in new year’s eve!

Блогер Лиля Правда рассказала, как загадать желание, чтобы оно точно исполнилось

You waited a whole year preparing and when is the moment you make your wish come true! If not, then you have not correctly formulated your request.


Here is an example. You want to open a restaurant. Take the first formulation. I open my own restaurant. Everything seems to be OK! There is no particle “not” as many still teach, and present verb “open”, but there is a BUT! You can open a restaurant and fail, it will be unprofitable and will not make a profit. But a desire like come true. Opened the same!

Therefore, “I open my profitable and popular restaurant”, BUT that’s not all)), you Can open a profitable restaurant, but tired or exhausting that do not need it quite. Therefore, another important factor is “easy”.

And now compare the two formulations! “I open my restaurant” and ” I can easily and quickly discover your profitable restaurant! Everything goes easily and well!” In the second embodiment, there is life! There is a charge ! The same energy that brings you to this desire. With this query, all begins to take shape that way! People, events , circumstances! Of course, the wish will come true! And you know, they all say it is not enough just to believe, you have something else to do.

I will say this:

“Faith without action is not enough, as well as actions without faith! Faith it helps not to give up and do more!”.

So believe, do it and make a wish under the chiming clock! Easy, with all my heart and it is always true! True! Happy new year!”.

More useful information and good energy on the page of Lily the Truth in Instagram – instagram.com/lilya.pravda.

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