Взорвавший Сеть клип Филиппа Киркорова сыграл с ним злую шутку Internet users require to deprive the singer of the title of people’s artist. In their opinion, Philip received unworthily, in a new video showing scenes of Smoking and drinking alcohol. At the same time, defenders of the stars believe that others simply do not understand humor.
Взорвавший Сеть клип Филиппа Киркорова сыграл с ним злую шутку

In late April, Philip presented a video parody of the hit “Color mood blue.” The video, created by the team of the program “Evening Urgant”, took on the air of the popular TV show. To date the video has received over 14 million views. However, the work Kirkorov liked by everyone.

Philip Kirkorov publicly insulted Ivan Urgant

Some users of social networks were outraged by the video, which contained scenes of Smoking, drinking alcohol and using obscene language. A resident of Tyumen Anton Tikhonov created a petition addressed to President Vladimir Putin and the Ministry of culture. Disgruntled viewers think of Philip Kirkorov to deny the title of people’s artist.

“Title “people’s artist of the Russian Federation” is assigned, in particular, for the creation of highly artistic images that have made an outstanding contribution to the development and preservation of the national artistic culture, forming a young generation of artists. In this case nowhere States that after assignment of a rank the artist ceases to perform these functions. On the contrary, it’s a big part and responsibility”, – stated in the text of the petition.
Взорвавший Сеть клип Филиппа Киркорова сыграл с ним злую шутку

Their agreement with the position of the Tikhonov expressed more than four thousand people. “Not only that, our youth corrupting alien to our Western culture, and Kirkorov and other artists put this arm”, “it is Sad that in our country such “humor-hype” becomes fun”, “I don’t want my children to see such things,” “misbehavior, propaganda of plywood,” – commented on the Network.

Defenders Philip Kirkorov condemned the behavior of critics. Fans of the star said that the actor and his colleagues joked, and everyone who did not like the video, just do not understand the intention of the authors. “I do not see any propaganda. The reality is many times worse”, “I think we should, on the contrary, the reward for this work”, “Very deep, I think most will not understand the meaning… There is stratification between the classes, and the reluctance of the gray mass to develop, and the attitude of the children, young people, cool out” Qualified”. Three days of singing, although never with songs Kirkorov was not”, “Have got”, “Good banter” and discussed those who liked the “mood Color blue.”

Взорвавший Сеть клип Филиппа Киркорова сыграл с ним злую шутку

Kirkorov stood up and blogger Amiran Sardarov, who played in the movie one of the roles. “Support Phillip, his colleagues hounded for fit clip. Created a petition to take away the title of people’s artist” – he wrote on Instagram.

Positive about the new work of the king of pop also said Stanislav Sadalsky. “Friends ask about the new clip Kirkorov… Estimate, even Allusik Pugachev looked at this masterpiece and calling Kirkorov: “Philip, what the hell? I would love to have played,” shared the actor in social networks. Sadalsky added that he would willingly starred in the videos Kirkorov.