«Вдул так вдул»: футбольный тренер Валерий Карпин пошутил над беременной женой Marriage with teacher Daria Gordeeva became the third sports figure. And Valery Karpin in a joking manner, shared with fans the happy news that soon he will become a father.
«Вдул так вдул»: футбольный тренер Валерий Карпин пошутил над беременной женой

To postpone the appearance of the heir of the Valerii and Daria, tied the knot last summer, it seems, did not – a few hours ago, 49-year-old coach of football club “Rostov” said that in his family expected completion.

Judging by the photos, the athlete shared with subscribers, his wife is far to early pregnancy, however, before to advertise the upcoming event, the pair didn’t want. A newborn baby will be the fourth child Karpin, but for Gordeeva second.

“That’s really “blew so blew” that are expecting sleepless nights, and at my age it is harmful,” wrote Karpin.
«Вдул так вдул»: футбольный тренер Валерий Карпин пошутил над беременной женой

Humorous message coach appreciated not all subscribers, however, as it turned out, the expression “blew so blew” is quite understandable history – shortly before the picture with a pregnant wife under one of the photos Karpin had his dialogue with Internet users, who wished “to blow,” his wife Valeria. “This is my wife”, — said Karpin.

Daria did not make a secret of your “interesting” position and did not hide the belly, and Valery, who was older lover for 20 years, and stressed that he was “a middle-aged father.”

Recall wedding Karpin and Gordeeva took place on 10 June last year in the Estonian city of Narva. In the past, the chosen one known as the coach and I were obsessed with music and the stage, sang in a musical group, took part in the once popular youth programs “Before 16 and older”, “100 percent” and “Morning star”. Daria even tried to pass a casting of the project “Factory of stars”, but she failed to do so. Now the young woman enjoys a certain popularity, gives interviews, which often speaks of the complex nature and love of the big stage.

“I’m an independent, stubborn, determined and independent. As they say, don’t like to argue, so I already know what’s right. My loved ones laugh: a girl with feminine appearance and “masculine” character. Therefore Valery has to give me the opportunity to be weak and defenseless next to him. Besides, I’m always on people, on the stage, often late in the evening and in the night,” shared the coach’s wife in an interview.