Blake lively was molested by make-up artist

Блейк Лайвли домогался гример

More and more stories of harassment by men appear in the news amid a sex scandal with Harvey Weinstein. And Blake lively has admitted that during the filming of the project came on to her makeup artist.

Блейк Лайвли домогался гример

“He was saying inappropriate things, trying with his fingers to put on lipstick. One night I spent on location, and when I woke up this morning, saw that it relieves me. I was dressed, but it was terrible,” lively shared.

The girl decided not to leave it as is. She appealed to the producers with a request to lay off the makeup. They replied that they did not want a big scandal. “Our production Manager wrote him a letter of recommendation, and all: no one wanted public quarrels,” recalls Blake.

Still, Blake has decided to fight and turned to his lawyer. He opened the case, thanks to which the actress was able to achieve the dismissal of makeup. But as she said herself lively, despite the fact that he was fired from the project, it will not stop the makeup from working in this industry and continue to do what he did to her.

Lively also not spared, and the scandal that happened with Harvey Weinstein, producer of numerous cult movies. She said that he didn’t sexually harass her, and no inappropriate behavior from him towards her was not. “I never had such experience with Harvey, and I think that if people heard these stories… I believe in humanity enough to believe that this will not continue,” said the actress to The Hollywood Reporter . “I never heard such stories — but it’s just awful to hear.”

“It is very important that women are furious and want to fight. It is important that they stand up for themselves. It is important that we do not pay attention to those two or four stories, it is important that we are focused on humanity in General and say “This is unacceptable.”” continues lively for foreign publications.

On Tuesday, The New Yorker reported that more than 13 women have reported rape and harassment. The famous actress said that after the rejection of sexual conduct against Harvey Weinstein, they were simply removed from the project.