Blake lively village on a special diet

Blake lively village on a special diet
The actress made a vow to get in shape for Christmas.

Blake lively village on a special diet

Blake Lively

Blake lively is always right
proud of a slender figure. But it is decidedly not
happy. The fact that after the birth of her second child she hasn’t
went back to the antenatal form. This was told the online edition of us.magazine.

As told by the actress, she
set a goal — lose weight for Christmas. Blake gave himself
solemn vow: she would have to be able to fasten on themselves their favorite
jeans in anticipation of the holiday.

For this purpose, lively
stocked up a fair amount of dietary products and posted a photo of his
procurement in his microblog. Judging by the number of cans and boxes, to lose weight
Blake is going to taste.

But diet alone Blake
decided not to be limited. She returned to intensive training in the gym
with my personal trainer Don Saladino, which helped her get back in shape
after the birth of the eldest child of actress — daughter James, which soon
it will be two years. Then he just a few months helped her not only
to restore prenatal figure, but also to increase the level of fitness to be
extent that Blake was able during the filming of her latest movie “the Shallows”
to do almost without the aid of stuntmen.

But although lively is proud of its
will-power that even she, as an actress, sometimes can’t force myself
to practice “to sweat”, as required by her coach. Another photo in
the microblog actress — evidence of just such a situation. Blake photographed in the
the moment when she was hiding from don Saladino for trainer! However, it is,
most likely, it was just a moment of weakness, of lively, and she could handle at the time with
set her to a task.

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