Блэйк Лайвли пристыдила критиков

The path will stop anyone who does not have children. Hollywood actress Blake lively, who is now pregnant with her second child, urged women not ashamed of their bodies after childbirth, and well-wishers advised me to keep quiet.

Celebrity knows firsthand how difficult it is to return to the previous weight after the baby is born. Moreover, if t is an actress and in a short time again need to be in shape. Together with her husband, Blake raising an eight month old daughter and soon to have another baby.
She layli quick come into shape after the birth of first child, but demand the same from other women she considers unfair.
“After birth the female body looks amazing, and it’s unfortunate that some allow themselves to discuss and criticise the shortcomings of the figure. No one is obliged to look like a Victoria’s Secret model immediately after birth. A woman creates a miracle, the most incredible thing that can happen. She gives life to man, so we should just be happy for her” said Blake.

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