Блейк Лайвли бесплатно декорирует дома друзей

To have such a star like Blake lively very profitable. Because of their enthusiasm, she will make you home design absolutely for free. His last instagram post, she was accompanied by a recognition of passion for interior design and gave him a “snik-peak” of the current project.

Блейк Лайвли бесплатно декорирует дома друзей

It is surprising that such an occupation she chose for a reason, and thanks mom for insomnia is inherited – in the night time when ever Blake not closed, it can start decorating the homes of friends. For inspiration and example materials lively uses available materials and provided samples of different shops that cooperate with it to promote and support the passion of the actress.

“I decorated a friends house for nothing. Of all the unexpected decisions that I ever made, it brings me the most joy. Thanks to my daughters for what they are, without knowing it, “gave” me her old dresses as examples for the material of decoration. Thank you furniture store dmitryco for samples of furniture. Thank you to my bathroom with the remaining after repair of the tile, which I can also use as inspiration. And thanks to my mother, from whom I inherited the sleep disorder and are now able to stay up all night doing it.”

Блейк Лайвли бесплатно декорирует дома друзей
Arrangement whose house took the “designer” is not recognized. It is known that the actress has a good relationship with Julia Roberts, Emily blunt, Anna Kendrick, singer Florence Welch. Perhaps they have become “customers” of the design.

“With the acting profession is becoming much more difficult — you’re doing a movie and see the final result only in a couple of years, recently commented on Blake, his passion for design, and then I often quickly say, “I did this work, it is finished.”

“I just love design, fashion and any kind of creativity. I also have a huge ego and all want to keep under control,” joked in an interview. In his spare time, the actress misses, and prefers to give vent to creative impulses. She independently chooses their outfits for the publication, and does not stint in helping friends.

Lively — she is very strong. She can’t sit still idle, engaged in interior design and helping friends. However, credulity is not always played right into her hands. Early amid the scandal and Harvey Weinstein, the actress admitted that she was molested by make-up artist.

“He was saying inappropriate things, trying with his fingers to put on lipstick. One night I spent on location, and when I woke up this morning, saw that it relieves me. I was dressed, but it was terrible,” lively shared.

She decided not to leave everything as is and went to the producers with a request to lay off the makeup. They replied that they did not want a big scandal. “Our production Manager wrote him a letter of recommendation, and all: no one wanted public quarrels,” recalls Blake.

Still, Blake has decided to fight and turned to his lawyer. He opened the case, thanks to which the actress was able to achieve the dismissal of makeup. But as she said herself lively, despite the fact that he was fired from the project, it will not stop the makeup from working in this industry and continue to do what he did to her.