Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds to divorce

Блейк Лайвли и Райан Рейнольдс на грани развода

Every day, the new sad message, this time concerning Hollywood couple Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds. Just a week after my second child was born, Blake and Ryan have decided to divorce.

Officially, neither from lively and Reynolds, neither of their representatives no reports, but close to the family sources say that those on the verge of divorce. The reason was another woman.

Western tabloids write that Reynolds imbued with special sympathy to the colleague on the film “Deadpool” Moraine Baccarin and for her sake willing to go to great lengths, even leaving a wife and two children.

“The pair were secretly Dating. They were very gentle and nice to each other”, — said the source.

According to Gamenguide relationship lively and Reynolds began to deteriorate ever since as they decided to live together. They say that they could not make any decision. Always followed by debates and squabbles. The informant says that Blake is a terrible fuddy – Duddy, and Ryan hates that.

In turn lively also not as clean as it might seem.

From time to time she is seen with her ex Leonardo DiCaprio and not always, these meetings are friendly.