“Blacklist” is back, but it’s definitely season 7?

«Чёрный список» возвращается, чем порадует 7 сезон?

«Чёрный список» возвращается, чем порадует 7 сезон?

On the 4th of October premiere of season 7 of the cult TV series “the Black list”. What new convoluted mysteries await viewers? Will they continue to operate Reddington and Elizabeth?
The intrigue adds to the fact that season 6 of the series ended up kidnapping one of the main characters of red Reddington. This time the red no superiority, will he be able to resist Katerina Rostova or be with her at the same time is still unknown.
“He is in mortal danger because of Catherine’s Growth,” says Eisendrath, producer of the series, his life depends on getting the truth that Reddington doesn’t want to tell her. So she will do anything to get from him the truth, and he will do anything she has not got it.” Bokenkamp, the Creator of the series, adds: “this season the emphasis relies still on Katerina Rostova, because it was tied most of the mysteries associated with the past of the main characters. This season it will be much more dangerous than ever.

«Чёрный список» возвращается, чем порадует 7 сезон?

Katerina ed and have a strong bond, which makes their situation even more difficult.” “I think that the push between these two characters this season is different because it is emotionally loaded,” admits Bokenkamp”.
Eisendrath says: “this season we are not talking only about her personal relationship with red and Liz and even Agnes, but also on a comprehensive history of the story about what it is. In fact, in many ways, this season is really a family drama, promised from the beginning
the series between Liz, Catherine and the Red”.

As for Liz, she’s not just dealing with the Red, it will focus on how to ensure the safety of Agnes, my child.
Other team members will also be large changes in the plot in the seventh season. Bokenkamp teases that “we are going to learn some secrets about Cooper, which bring the viewer back to the first season, when we heard Ed talking about some of the secrets that
happened in Kuwait. We’re going to open this Pandora’s box and unpack the story associated with Cooper and Reddington. Aram will still be on a path of healing from the loss of Samara. There is a story that blossoms from it.” Eisendrath adds that there
some residual history that we’ve ever seen, and they will be deployed this year in a very dramatic way. So we have many, many personal stories about Ressler, Aram and Cooper, we are going to open in a new way this year”.

Well, prepare the popcorn and get ready to view!

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