“Black Monday”: the world is shocked by the tragedies in Berlin and Ankara

«Черный понедельник»: мир шокирован трагедиями в Берлине и Анкаре On the Internet, discussing the terrible events that occurred the day before: the attack in Berlin and the murder of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey. Millions of people can’t believe what happened. They offer my deepest condolences to the families of those killed and injured.

      «Черный понедельник»: мир шокирован трагедиями в Берлине и Анкаре

      The whole world is amazed by the terrorist attack in the heart of Berlin, when the truck suddenly drove into a crowd of passers-by who came to the Christmas fair. Twelve people were killed and 48 were in the hospital, having received injuries of varying severity. The culprit fled the scene, but was later detained by police. Law enforcement officials previously have classified the incident as a terrorist attack.

      Currently in the German capital is a virtuoso pianist Denis Matsuev. Music star was beside herself with grief because of what happened. Matsuev also remembered other unfortunate incidents recently, including the poisoning of inhabitants of Irkutsk with methanol. From him died 53.

      “At the very moment when there was this horrific incident in Berlin, I was on the stage of the Konzerthaus. I didn’t know about what happened until the very end of the concert. And the news that the truck pulled to a Christmas Bazaar that killed and wounded people, I was shocked to the core… It is a great sorrow, which should unite us all in the desire not to let this happen again… happened Today at least two more serious events, which I can’t say. It is the death of several dozen people in my hometown of Irkutsk and the death of the Ambassador of Russia in Turkey. Too much tragedy for one day!” shared the pianist in social networks.

      Matsuev brought deepest condolences to the Russian Ambassador in Turkey Andrey G. Karlov, who was killed by a terrorist attack in Ankara. “This is undoubtedly an irreparable loss for Russian diplomacy,” stated Denis. According to the music star, you need a lot of courage to relive all the sad events recently.

      Well-known journalist and publisher Regina von Flemming also did not remain away from the incident. She is dedicated to the terrible events of two publications in Instagram. Woman shocked by the terrorist attack and the murder of a diplomat on the Russian photo exhibition in Turkey. Regina prays for his native Berlin and sincere condolences to the family of Charles.

      The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova spoke about the death of the Russian Ambassador. The woman quoted Vysotsky and published a post dedicated to the deceased Charles.

      “Today during a public event in Ankara, the unknown opened chaotic fire. As a result of a terrorist act from the received wounds has died, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov. Unique diplomat, a brilliant professional. The crime must be investigated, perpetrators must be punished”, – said Zakharova on his page in Facebook.

      Their condolences to the family and friends of Charles also shared by Vladimir Solovyov. “Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. He died at the hands of a terrorist. Eternal memory”, – he wrote in the microblog.

      Other social media users from around the world also discuss what happened on the Internet. “Very similar to hitting in nice and dozens of similar cases,” “What a terrible night”, “What’s going on with this world?” “The worst is the feeling of fear, the feeling that a terrorist attack can happen anywhere, anytime, Yesterday was black Monday”, “It’s a challenge to us all”, “what a day…” – commented on them.