Black chyna started to live in Grand style

Блэк Чайна начала жить на широкую ногу

The mother of a baby Rob Kardashian black China to share their wealth. Not accustomed to living in a big way the woman just squanders money. But do they have it?

Блэк Чайна начала жить на широкую ногу
Just before Rob returned to reality-the project “living with the Kardashian”, and to this day, since 2013, has lived through her mother Kris Jenner, what really angered his sisters, who regularly starred in the TV show. In fact, a thirty year old guy was a dependant, and now on the neck of the famous female relatives wanted to put his new passion with a child.

Sources close to the Kardashians claim that Rum and black living beyond their means, but this does not prevent the mother making elegant gifts to their relatives. So. a few days ago she gave her 45-year-old mother Shalana Jones hunter (also known under the name Tokyo Tony) a new car.
“Wow! China gave me a car! Thank you! Oh my God!” — can’t get enough of the mother of 28-year-old black. As it became known, the present worth of admiration is the “stuff a Nissan with leather interior and dual sunroof”.
“I’m enjoying it, because my mother dreamed of this. If she’s happy I’m happy too” said the black, sharing the delight of the mother.
Edition managed to find out that life is black before meeting with Rob was not sugar. Even despite the fact that she raised the child of rapper Taiga, she is barely making ends meet. Meeting with Rob was her ray of light in the Kingdom of darkness, and the black jumped at the opportunity to get a normal life with both hands. Now the model and former stripper is going to become part of one of the most famous families of America.

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