Bitter? Natalia Bardo tried lush bridesmaid dress

Горько? Наталья Бардо примерила пышное платье невесты
Beloved by Marius Weisberg opened the details of his personal life.

Горько? Наталья Бардо примерила пышное платье невесты

Natalia Bardo

Photo: @bardonata Instagram Natalia Bardo

Natalya Bardo has provoked rumors about the wedding. The actress put in a social frame where it was captured in the magnificent dress of the bride. Fans were delighted, they say, finally, Bardot was married to the father of her child — by Marius Weisberg, but later it became known that the photograph was taken on the set of a new project with Natalia.

Photo: @alexeychadov Instagram

Bardo thanked fans for their congratulations, but said it was “screen”. The present triumph, in all probability, so far only in the plans. The actress admits that because of the busy schedule she and Marius have no time to organize the wedding.

“Married to go so far once, but it’s gonna be… — calms fans of Natalia. — And still working! Going to tell you how our creativity.”

That Natalia received from the famous Director’s proposal of marriage, it became known in March 2016. And in may of the same year their son was born. The boy was named Eric. The couple has a principled position and not showing his heir fans. Only recently, the Network accidentally got a group shot of Natalie and Marius posed with a young son.