День рождения Жанны Фриске: звезду вспоминают ее друзья
Today the singer would have turned 42 years old.

День рождения Жанны Фриске: звезду вспоминают ее друзья

Zhanna Friske

Today friends polinaut Zhanna Friske 8 July the singer would have turned 42 years old, and, according to relatives, she probably would have arranged for all of the lush holiday. Friends remember the most
joyful moments of her life, the love she gave to others, and listening to her songs.In

“How much happiness you gave to people, how much love he gave
family and friends, we remember you and love you and nothing can change that” — with these words, your start day, a friend and colleague Friske on the “Brilliant”
Anna Semenovich.

Another former soloist of this group Olga Orlova decided to do without words and just issued a joint photo with Jeanne.

День рождения Жанны Фриске: звезду вспоминают ее друзья

Zhanna Friske and Anna Semenovich

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Zhanna Friske Olga Orlova

7days.ru reminds of an interview that Jeanne in
the years gave to our reporters. We took some of them
important quotes that provide insight into the phenomenon of this amazing
the woman loved not only for their beauty and talent, and just for
she was…

About yourself

“Yelling at me is useless — just become isolated. I need
calmly explain”.

In “other people’s mistakes more
nobody taught. While life on the head not knock — one, two, three, yet
will not force a good cry from the consequences of their own stupidity — the mind is not

About the relationship

“I’m possessive. Man should become a part of me and if
suddenly someone will meet me this part of the tear, it hurts, I know it.
Passed. Again I do not want”

“Never in my life no one will give just that! Even
if you podarili car, you this car already have something. Attention
Lunches, dinners. You put on a hook! It does not happen. Be sure to follow
payback, and this is not always the bed.”

About parents

“Parents got married young. Met by chance in
Moscow. Broke novel, and four months later they have already signed. A year later
I were born and my brother are twins. He, unfortunately, died during childbirth.”

About the sister: “Of the 25 concerts, which had
to participate, came to ten. And justified as a small, “Oh, I was sick!”
Whole life hiding behind a mythical disease. What do you answer my
urgent attempts to get you to do fitness? “Tomorrow! Today leg

About money and profession

“As a student, I realized that I needed to make — on
tights, cosmetics, coffee shop. The parents money is not allowed. “Your whim —
dad said, ” you have to pay for myself.”

“For many years my father could not understand the seriousness
my love affair with show business, urged: “stop screwing around”.

“I understand why artists, when they leave the scene, can not
find yourself and fall into depression. Used that all the time in the process. As
only stopped you died.”

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