Birthday of the king of pop: the best dad and a big kid

День рождения поп-короля: лучший папа и большой ребенок The St. Petersburg correspondent of “Stargate” Mikhail Sadchikov, Jr. shared his childhood memories about Philip Kirkorov. The child of a journalist was more than a rainbow – he spent it with the king of the Russian platform.

      День рождения поп-короля: лучший папа и большой ребенок

      Today the king of the Russian pop scene celebrates 49th anniversary. The artist, whose songs people know and sing millions, for the years of creative life was literally a living legend. Everyone who has ever been familiar and friendly with him, with undisguised pride recall the moments spent next. The singer has the title of not only a national artist but also a consummate master of his craft, happy father of two adorable kids and a loyal friend, behind which may hide people close to him.

      “StarHit” talked with the young man, whose childhood was more than the rainbow, because he had spent it with him to the king of pop. The St. Petersburg correspondent of “Stargate” Mikhail Sadchikov, Jr. on the eve of the birthday of Philip Kirkorov, shared his childhood memories and stories that are associated with Kirkorov.

      A Good Magician Philip

      “Philip Kirkorov for each person – almost all of us sang to their beloveds song “the one”, a child danced to “my Bunny”, admired his directorial talents at the contest “Eurovision”. I’m sure everyone can tell about it something of their own. For me Philip was and remains Good Magician.

      День рождения поп-короля: лучший папа и большой ребенок

      It so happened that Philip knows me since childhood. My parents – known journalists of St. Petersburg Mikhail and Lyudmila Sadchikova – at the time first wrote about the then young artist, who now knows half the world. Many years later, when we were driving with Phillip in his gorgeous white limusa, he told me: “Your father is at first skeptical to me, but I told him: “Misha, I’ll be famous”. As you can see, he kept his word”.

      My parents often were accompanied by Philip on the Russian and foreign trips, because in the late nineties, Philip had the idea to write a great and interesting book about yourself. Alas, the crisis of 1998 brought about changes in the project, so the book never came out, although she still lies and waiting in the wings. And I, back in 1998, after his tour in Thailand, wrote a children’s tale, which featured a Good Magician – the prototype of which was Philip.

      And Philip called the Magician may not only I, but thousands of other people. Most of these people, the audience, with whom he for many years shares his tvorchestvom. But there are specific people who helped Kirkorov. For example, a boy from St. Petersburg Children’s Hospice, which is moving a terrible disease, and eventually recovered.

      “Talisman of love” for Alla and Philip

      День рождения поп-короля: лучший папа и большой ребенок

      In the 90 years, Philip often came to Petersburg – on business, on tour, so parents took me to the concert hall “October” at his concerts. After that we went to a restaurant, discussing past concerts Kirkorov, his arguments about life, stories about travels abroad. Naturally, a five year old child in such company attracted attention, so they called me “Philip’s pet”.

      At that time Philip was impossible to imagine without Alla Borisovny, which I called “Alla” Poo ” (the name “Pugachev” for a child was difficult to pronounce). In one of these visits in 1994, we went to a cafe KET on Stremyannaya street. I remember this moment, because then we have the mayor of the city Anatoly Sobchak, Director-artistic Director of the concert hall “October” Emma Lavrinovich, other important people of St. Petersburg.

      Of course, I don’t remember all the details of that conversation, but that’s when the engagement took place Alla and Philip, and decided that they would get married in a few days in St. Petersburg. I was entrusted an honorable mission to become a “mascot of love”. Now it seems surprising, but in these times the wedding was not that modest, and very modest. No pompous ceremonies, no gorgeous dresses. Only Superstar and Pop king of Russian pop, as well as ten close friends, which included my parents and me.

      Philip explained why he decided not to get married

      After the April premiere of her new supershou “I” with which Philip now travels around the world, I walked into the dressing room to the artist, and heard: “God, you’re so grown up! How old are you now?” I replied that I am 27 years old. After a pause Philip said, “What is the age of cool. I’m 27 years married.”


      День рождения поп-короля: лучший папа и большой ребенок

      In life, I know different Philip from the cheerful and bright person, to quiet and unassuming, absorbed in his own thoughts of the Creator. In the late 90s has often happened that in mid-December, Philip came to St. Petersburg on shooting videos to Oleg Gusev and Alexander Igudina, and these days coincided with my birthday. So Philip had invited my family over for a “thumbnail”. Shooting, as you know, is a long and often they were finished in the morning. During the breaks we talked a lot, and talk with Kirkorov has always been extremely interesting – I remember when they filmed the video for “the Mouse” (in one scene, Philip appears as Superman), he had just returned from America, after seeing a new musical, and she was telling him about what he wants to do something similar with us. Many years later, when I remembered this, I realized that without will there would be no such thing as a Russian musical – it was he who gave impetus to the development of this genre in our country.

      День рождения поп-короля: лучший папа и большой ребенок

      There would be no super show, which is now trying to do many artists. Petersburg still breathy recalls 1998, when in the midst of the financial crisis Kirkorov is doing something that another was not under force – gives 32 sold-out concert in the concert hall.

      One day, sitting in the dressing room, Philip suddenly asked my parents: “baptized A Bear?” At that time I was not yet baptized. Hearing this, Philip said, “let’s baptize him on March 1? Imagine how beautiful, on 1 March – first day of spring”. Alas, the artist himself does not belong, Philip suddenly appeared the important work preparing for the new show, so he did not become my godfather, which I am very sorry.


      День рождения поп-короля: лучший папа и большой ребенок

      My first recollection of Philip’s leaving in 1991, when my parents went on a cruise on a big liner, which also had many Russian artists, including Philip. For several days we ate ice cream, walked around the deck, invented games. One of these days we are so overworked, they did not notice that the ship was caught in a violent storm – the people hurried to take refuge in their cabins, and me and my Good Magician went to ride on the seesaw without telling anyone about it. My parents were running around the ship in search of a missing child, it is not thought to find us on the swings. Oh, and then flew us from my mom’s Nice.

      By the way, about my mom. Once I whispered to Philip that Mila is afraid of various reptiles, which naturally, has caused a storm of delight. Since then, we tried to give her all sorts of snakes, bugs, spiders. Somehow, being in Thailand, Philip asked mother to go with him on a crocodile farm, and my dad and I stayed at the hotel. Returning late in the evening, mother told the story: “the 7th morning, a small bus, I deliberately sit in the back to get some sleep on the way to Bangkok, but then the bus comes and Philip, shouting: “Snake!” and begins to throw me oblong rubber snakes. Crick was on the whole bus. In the course of the tour, by the way, this was repeated several times. Anyway, my dad Phillip has always had a working relationship, but with me and mom – friendly.

      День рождения поп-короля: лучший папа и большой ребенокI recall another funny incident – returning from a trip abroad, we together with Philip went in the morning Moscow. Suddenly, he suddenly said, “Let’s eat?” At that time his favorite food was McDonald’s. Imagine the scene – 10 am, sleepy saleswoman at the counter, and suddenly it comes to a man who even without makeup you can see a mile away, and begins to order French fries, big Macs and Coca-Cola. Their surprise knew no bounds.

      It is necessary to tell that in his heart, Philip is a true child. Think for yourself, who else from stars of this caliber, will go look for inspiration a few days before the premiere of his show “I” in Disneyland? By the way, Phillip was the initiator of my first visits to Disneyland and universal studios, saying to parents: “you are what You want, and I take the Bear to America to show Disneyland”. That day, when we rode all kinds of rides, ate cotton candy and met the real Mickey mouse, I still think one of the best in life.

      Children of Philip Kirkorov made a splash at the premiere of his show

      Remembering these stories, I couldn’t help but think about the fact that I envy the children Kirkorov – the charming Alla-Victoria and Martin. I know more than anyone else about how Phillip could be a dad: fine, sensitive, interesting, fun. And now I can confidently say that they have the best dad in the world.

      Happy Birthday, dear Philip! Happiness, health to you and your children!”

      День рождения поп-короля: лучший папа и большой ребенок

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