Birthday Nonna Mordyukova: bright and tragic life of a Soviet actress

Ко дню рождения Нонны Мордюковой:  яркая и трагическая жизнь советской актрисы November 25, the star of the screen would have turned 92 years old. In the life of Nonna Mordyukova had a lot of shocks and vibrant moments. The actress admitted that didn’t come to himself after the death of the only heir.
Ко дню рождения Нонны Мордюковой:  яркая и трагическая жизнь советской актрисы

The complexities of Nonna Mordyukova was legendary, but it’s not pushed Directors. Many Soviet filmmakers wanted to work with a famous artist, because it is equally able of dramatic and comedic roles. Latest role the actress played in 1999. During filming, the star of the Soviet screen had more time to think about the personal tragedy in her family.


Noyabrina Mordjukova (real name of actress) was born in the village of Konstantinovka of the Artemovsky district of the Ukrainian SSR. From a young age, the future star dreamed of playing in the movie. The huge impression she made the film “Bogdan Khmelnitsky”.

Hoping someday to become famous as the Lyubov Orlova, Mordjukova came to Moscow and entered VGIK. While still a student theatre of the University, Nona debuted in the film “Young guard”. This painting brought her universal love and affect the personal life of the artist.

And then followed work in the hits “someone else’s relatives”, “the ordeal”, “the Marriage of balzaminova”. However, to reach its full dramatic potential Mordjukova was able only in 1967, when he played in the film “the Commissioner”. Strong-willed main character, beautiful and strong, conquered the audience.

It is on 60 years, the peak of a career Mordyukova. She played in the monumental film “War and peace” where he collaborated with former husband Vyacheslav Tikhonov, as well as turned into a spectacular super “Diamond hand”.

Ко дню рождения Нонны Мордюковой:  яркая и трагическая жизнь советской актрисы

During the 70-ies-80-ies the actress actively playing in movies and on the stage. During this period, he released films such as “They fought for the Motherland”, “Station for two”, “Russian field”.

Among the Soviet citizens Mordjukova was known as an actress, which is subject to any line. It is impressive looking in comedies, but he could transform and dramatic in character. The audience should not only for her creative activities, but also actively discussing the personal life of the artist. Novels Nonna was legendary, but she didn’t like to talk about it.


First real love Nonna Mordyukova became Vyacheslav Tikhonov. With the future star of the Soviet screen she met on the set of “Young guard” in 1947. Already in 1950 the couple had a son Vladimir.

Relationship Nonna and Vyacheslav could not be called smooth. Mordjukova had an explosive temper, a lot of work and could not pay enough attention to my husband and son. Besides, the actress was a real beauty, so she always attributed novels with partners in the set.

In an interview for “Amour. Info” in 1999, the star talked about one of his love interests. When Mordjukova was still living in marriage with Tikhonov, she was starting to have feelings for Vasily Shukshin.

“In the 60th year we worked together on the film “the straight story”. Shukshin had amazing energy, people to him and stretched. I’m all in front of him was thrilled, but Vasya was already the bride of Lida. Despite this, he is in love with me. Suddenly came on the set and said, “Lida, I would say I love you.” Don’t know what could have happened, but then the shooting, which took place far from Moscow, in the village, came to the Tikhonov with our son. Guys, they’re all feeling. And here he arrived in Panama, with fishing rods, holds the hand of a child. What kind novels”, – shared memories Mordjukova.
Ко дню рождения Нонны Мордюковой:  яркая и трагическая жизнь советской актрисы

Despite all attempts by the spouses to save the marriage, their relationship ended in 1961.

It soon became known that Nonna Mordjukova had an affair with her ex-husband the other Soviet stars of the screen — Lyudmila Gurchenko. Her Union with Boris Andronikashvili was not registered officially, but they’ve lived together long enough.

An affair with a Gypsy singer Igrovom yoskay the actress tried not to comment. Their relationship lasted several years, after which the couple quietly broke up. In their few interviews Mordjukova always tried not to raise the issue about the civil wife.

The second time, a famous actress married a famous heartthrob Vladimir But. The actor was married five times, and his Alliance with Mordyukova lasted just six months. The lovers quietly got divorced, and then did not communicate.

In a recent interview, the actress admitted that she did not often fall in love for real. According to Mordyukova, she has too many years left on every relationship, and to deal with feelings star did not know how.


Undoubtedly the most unfortunate event for Nonna Victorovna was the death of her only son, Vladimir. The boy is rarely seen with their parents, because both father and mother was always on set. In adolescence, the young man decided to devote his life to cinema.

The first role he played in 1967 and during the 70s was considered one of the most promising young artists. During this period Vladimir even worked with mother on a film set in the film “Russian field”.

Ко дню рождения Нонны Мордюковой:  яркая и трагическая жизнь советской актрисы

The artist was abusing alcohol, and also tried illegal substances. Addiction affected his creative activity and health. It affected his creative activity. In the 80-ies of the Tikhonov played less frequently, and in 1990 he died at the age of forty years. According to the official version, the death was caused by heart failure caused by an overdose of drugs.

In his autobiography, “do Not cry, Cossack!” Mordjukova reminisced about the struggle of a son with addictions.

“Called me a long time ago in a film crew of the film “the Commissioner” for an interview. On the way home I was amazed the names of the Director Askoldov. Funny… “Askold’s grave”. Maybe it’s a rock? Left my beautiful soul of a teenage boy on someone else’s aunt, provided a different “gingerbread”. And left for four months in a motion picture expedition record under Kherson. I did not go to him. Well worth to escape for two days? Thought, somehow lead to the end of the shooting, and there is the joy of my son. Back – he’s in the hospital, fun and to blame. Admitted that Sasha Digs brought beer and “wheels” (tablets). Fervently assured me that this will never happen again. I wanted to believe – and believe,” said Mordjukova.
Ко дню рождения Нонны Мордюковой:  яркая и трагическая жизнь советской актрисы

The death of her only son became Nonna Victorovna blow. Because of the tragic fate of the heir she did not communicate with the eldest grandson of Basil. The marriage of Vladimir Tikhonov, and Natalya Varley lasted only a couple of years, Mordjukova and could not forgive her that she left her beloved boy.

Natalya Varley spoke about a long-standing feud with Mordyukova

Later, two renowned artist managed to find a common language. In the program “Tonight” Varley admitted that it was time to say goodbye to the former mother-in-law.

“Between us, Nona Viktorovna ran a black cat. But we managed to make peace, said words of love to each other. I came to her home, came to the funeral. Once, at the beginning of our reconciliation Nonna Viktorovna said in my honor toast. Said I was a good mother,” recalled Varley.

Nonna Viktorovna has resumed relations with the grandson of Basil. In the last years of life, children only son become the main joy for Mordyukova.

Heavy in moral terms, the painting “the Mother”, taken in 1999, was the last role Mordyukova. Here she plays the mother of six sons, ready to do anything for their protection. On the set of Nonna Viktorovna often thought of my own child, so she worked hard.

A little later, the star was told that he was waiting for an invitation from the Directors, but in the movie her name was. Last years the actress spent in oblivion. She rarely went out and was seriously ill.

The star for many years suffered from diabetes. 5 Jul 2008 she was taken in serious condition in a Moscow hospital. Despite the efforts of doctors, already 6-th favorite of Soviet people died.

Nonnu Mordjukova buried at Kuntsevo cemetery near her beloved son.

The actress left a huge legacy and is still considered one of the main stars of the Soviet screen. Her catch phrase of “Brilliant hands” and “Young guard” still quoting. Despite all that fell to her test, Nonna V. departed this life unbroken, undefeated.