Роды Светланы Лободы обошлись ей в 50 тысяч долларов May 24 Svetlana Loboda gave birth to a second daughter in Los Angeles. After a long silence, the artist decided to tell me how was the birth, and why she wanted the baby born in the USA.
Роды Светланы Лободы обошлись ей в 50 тысяч долларов

In his latest hit Svetlana Loboda confidently declares that she’s a Superstar, and it’s hard to disagree. At least, the popularity of the artist rolls and it clips in just a few days gaining tens of millions of views.

Such a demand does not prevent Loboda to pay attention to two daughters — seven-year-old me, was really exciting and newborn baby, whose name the artist has not yet disclose. In a recent interview the star said that even during the tour is not abandoning breastfeeding.

“Now many ways to preserve milk and to transmit over long distances. We build a graph so that every two days I could be with my daughter” – shared Loboda.
Роды Светланы Лободы обошлись ей в 50 тысяч долларов

It is worth saying that the 35-year-old actress didn’t mention a pregnancy, and told of an interesting condition when to hide rounded tummy was impossible.

Svetlana Loboda on pregnancy: “I thank heaven for this gift”

A few weeks before birth, Svetlana moved to the United States. Fans immediately suggested that the star chose a prestigious Los Angeles hospital, and to provide a newborn baby dual citizenship.

The most Loboda such speculation denies. According to the singer, she had been planning a vacation in the US, and after he learned about the pregnancy only became convinced of the need for such a trip.

“I wanted to pause and spend time somewhere warm. Just breathe the ocean, to write music, to read and to live unhurriedly and without fuss. In the delivery room I was left surrounded by medical personnel. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I think childbirth is a very intimate process, and therefore prefer in this moment to be alone. With me in the delivery room there were nine professionals, each of whom was responsible for their work. All very smoothly”, – said the artist.

When rumors of pregnancy Loboda was confirmed, fans immediately began to consider how much their idol will spend on labor. In the end it turned out that a full range of services and being in the house of VIP-class clinic Cedars-Sinai in a few days cost the Svetlana about 50 thousand dollars.

After birth, Svetlana Loboda twice raised fees

Despite the cost, now she is absolutely happy, because it is extremely popular in the profession, and daughter exceptionally pleased with Loboda. So, the older Evangelina literally crazy about her newborn sister. According to the artist, seven-year-old heiress every day thanking her for what happened replenishment in the family.

However, when dealing with “KP”, Svetlana did not discuss the main mystery is the name of the father of the youngest daughter. Apparently, the secretive star intends to keep secret details of his personal life.