Biological mother fighting for daughter, who was taken to live in Italy

Биологическая мать борется за дочь, которую увезли жить в Италию Inga mishustina asked for help in the program, “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Julia Ivanova-Ferrara took Christine a few years ago. She claims that the girl doesn’t know family. In a live TV show going loved ones who insist that the child lived with them.
Биологическая мать борется за дочь, которую увезли жить в Италию

In the new issue of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” appeared Inga mishustina. In the middle of the two thousandth she was serving a sentence in places of detention, as she was caught over the transfer of drugs. he served his sentence in prison.

According to Inga, she had not seen the girl since 2011. The whole story began in 2006. As told mishustina, Julia Ferrara began to communicate with her mother in law Mishustina when she was put behind bars.

“Take, I don’t need it” – so, according to Ferrara, said the girl’s grandmother.

Christina flew to Julia to rest in the guests, but after one of these trips, according to Ivanova-Ferrara, the baby’s grandmother decided to give them the baby. Julia claims that the biological mother was not interested in the fate of the girls.

“I learned that it transferred to other people only through the month,” he met a woman.

Plus, Christina doesn’t even know who this Inga.

Биологическая мать борется за дочь, которую увезли жить в Италию

Now the biological mother of the girl lives in a luxurious country mansion. The woman has an older daughter who graduated from school and went to University. In a large mansion room, where at any moment to return Kristina.

Studio guests could not understand how takya a decent woman was behind bars. Inga says that he took the fall for the chosen one, the father of Christine.

Биологическая мать борется за дочь, которую увезли жить в Италию“I never injected, was not on any census, was not treated. Eugene indulged, was in the hospital with a broken arm. He asked me to go and meet a friend. So I was accepted,” said Inga.

Julia says he spent about one to two months for adoption of the child. Inga tried to justify why it has not intervened in the process.

“When I came into care, they turned me down. I was deprived of parental rights due to the girl’s grandmother,” said mishustina.

The Studio also came grandmother of Christina, Eugene Dorokhin. The woman claims that in this situation to blame the guardianship.

“I’m five years she raised the child. I traveled with a stroller. No, Julia was not. You are a pathological liar. In November 2006 I became the guardian. Blame only DCFS!” – said Evgeniya.

“Christina lived in your permission with me. Now why you lying?” – surprised Julia.

According to Christina, she remembers only the mother Julia, who cared for her. A few years later her brother was born, which she’s been waiting for. According to cousin Julia, at first they didn’t even know that the girl’s mother alive.

“I love her very much. The child is happy he has a family where he is loved,” said Julia, who could not enter Russia because here she will have to return the child.

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