Biological father of Michael Jackson has died a painful death

Биологический отец детей Майкла Джексона умер мучительной смертью

The cause of death of the alleged biological father of the children of the king of pop Michael Jackson Paris Prince and Dr. Arnold Klein, was a painful shock from ingested medicines. On this edition of RadarOnline said the pathologist.

Dr. Arnold Klein, who died in California on October 22 of last year, for a long time had taken a cocktail of drugs prescribed to treat depression, panic attacks, anxiety and other conditions. He died of a heart attack while waiting for care at a medical facility in palm springs.
In the body of a man was found not only four drugs are prescribed by a specialist, and eight others. Who and for what purpose prescribed him these drugs, remains a mystery.
The investigator investigating the sudden death of Mr. Klein, said that the body of 70-year-old Arnold, was also found diazepam (better known as valium), which is used to reduce anxiety, and in large doses – for the purpose of anesthesia during operations. The investigator also noted that the male body was extremely exhausted. Arms and legs had scars that suggested suicide attempts. In the intestine Arnold discovered a hole, caused by prolonged administration of drugs.
“Excrement had leaked into his stomach, causing unbearable pain” — said the pathologist. It is obvious that so many follow Arnold wanted to ease the pain or even to commit suicide.
“Really there was no one to call an ambulance to the person who suffers from the agony? Where were his assistants? There was no one. He himself called 911 on the fourth day of unbearable torments..” — wonders the insider.

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