Billy Bob Thornton, Jim Carrey and Hulk Hogan raise the Christmas mood!

Билли Боб Торнтон, Джим Кэрри и Халк Хоган поднимают новогоднее настроение!
The great and terrible Santa Claus in world cinema.

Well, who doesn’t love a good new year or Christmas
movie?! But not all Santa Claus and Satan Claus are kind old men with white
beard. At times like this grandpa suddenly turns terrible and the terrible Santa
Claus and in the magic night goes on the trail of the “war”. But Christmas works wonders
turns and having lost the true path of Santa Claus in adorable Dobryakov.
offers to your attention a selection of the most great and terrible Santas in the world
cinema for adults and children.

Dirty rotten scoundrels Santa in the image of Billy Bob Thornton

Билли Боб Торнтон, Джим Кэрри и Халк Хоган поднимают новогоднее настроение!

Billy Bob Thornton in “Bad Santa”. 2013

Photo: OutNow

There is nothing more fun than rough matassini, loving
a womanizer and a cynical thief Santa Claus! Santa is not always a good grandpa …
a generous magician with a bag of gifts behind. Unique and one-of –
kind Santa Claus is a drunk, womanizer and a thief Willie, the main character
of kinokomedii “Bad Santa 2”, played by the great Billy Bob Thornton.
In the Hollywood actor is firmly entrenched role of the freaky Santa
Claus after the filming of the movie “Bad Santa”. For 14 years the writers have hatched
the continuation of the story, and finally created “the bomb”. The screen goes
exciting, tragic, crime Comedy “Bad Santa 2”! Picture
was released today — December 1 in all cinemas of the country. In
the film Billy Bob Thornton puts on the famous red suit, hat
Santa, like this decides to clean out another large shopping center.
Together with the dwarf partner Marcus (Tony Cox), they developed a plan
robbery is to improve their financial position. On Christmas eve the “bad
guys” went to work, Willie is Santa Claus, his companion elf. But
magic Christmas night works wonders, plans Willie crumble.

Anti Santa Claus from Jim Carrey

Билли Боб Торнтон, Джим Кэрри и Халк Хоган поднимают новогоднее настроение!

Jim Carrey in the movie “how the Grinch stole Christmas”. 2000

Photo: OutNow

Yes there drunk and a thief Santa Claus from the movie “Bad Santa
2”. Here is the real Anti Santa Claus — hairy wool from head to toe,
monster swamp color and even in the clothes of Santa Claus. The Grinch! This monster all
my heart hates Christmas, wants to steal a magical holiday for residents
quiet town, annually manages to steal their Christmas tree, garlands, tinsel and
gifts. APE monster of the Grinch in the cult film “how the Grinch stole
Christmas” played tragi-comedian Jim Carrey. The actor made the role of the monster
instantly, because Jim Carrey, personally, Christmas, dislikes, believes, if
“dig deeper, everyone can find a reason to feel miserable in
Christmas.” In fact, you should peer into the soul of the Grinch, it turns out that not
it’s evil. Jim Carrey, more Grinch similar to bad boy,
who fell in love with the girl and pulls her pigtails because other ways
to attract attention not know. Green Anti Santa Claus wants simple
human attention, dreams that he gave Christmas gifts,
congratulated and loved. Love and Christmas miracles!

Macho man Hulk Hogan became a hero Santa Claus

Hulk Hogan in the movie “the Athlete Santa Claus”. 1996

Photo: OutNow

What about muscular motion, in which the vestments Santa
Klaus bursting at the seams? Macho sexy Santa Claus with an unforgettable expression
face, mind blowing smile in the movie “the Athlete Santa Claus” was played by Hulk Hogan.
At the beginning of the film, the hero is torn — ordinary rich man. His favorite entertainment is to run around
city streets with guns filled with paint and scare the police. Once
macho Thorne, hiding from the Ministers order, I decided to hide in the Mall
I ran to the supermarket and got dressed in
costume of Santa Claus. Thorne quickly accustomed to the role of Santa Claus and eccentric
millionaire and inveterate bully turned into a muscular and kind –
wizard. Thorne felt that he was the real Santa, can and must do
Christmas miracles. Thorne defended orphans and saved Christmas for children from
orphanage. Thorne at Christmas won!