Билла Косби приговорили к тюремному заключению за изнасилование

Justice is served! 81-year-old famous American comedian bill Cosby was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three to ten years for a rape committed in 2004. The victim was a former employee of Temple University Andrea Constad.

Билла Косби приговорили к тюремному заключению за изнасилование

Met the victim and the rapist in the University, because Cosby was a member of its Board of Trustees. As stated by the victim, the comedian gave her a pill, and when she was unconscious, he sexually abused her. It all happened long ago, but the case received wide publicity because of the 15 women who have accused Cosby of harassment. He is a comedian three years ago, under oath admitted that he used drugs in order to persuade women to have sex. But then bill filed a counterclaim against the girls for libel.

We will remind, for the term of years of Cosby raping women. You know more than six dozen victims willing to speak about it openly, but according to their lawyer Gloria Allred, in fact, the number of victims exceeds one hundred.

Bill and Andrea met at a basketball game at temple University. Bill started to take care of her, saluted the fact that he’s a star, powerful and influential people. Seeing that the girl does not see him as a man, Cosby changed the tactics. He’s pretending he has a friend and paternal, gave advice, was invited to meetings with professors..
On that fateful day, he invited her to his home to discuss her future career. They talked about life, about the future, bill poured her some wine and invited me to take pills from “nervousness”. Soon Andrew could not speak, couldn’t move, my eyes swam. Losing consciousness, she felt bill put her on the couch and began his nefarious deeds.

Andrea came to himself only in the morning. Half-naked, with tangled thoughts she realized that she survived the violence. Bill in good spirits and only one bath robe met her in the hallway and handed her a blueberry muffin.

Version Cosby, announced during testimony in 2005 (those, which suppressed ten years), he really had sex with Andrea, but it was consensual. And the pills he was giving her, because.. she asked for it. In November 2016 the judge gave the course of the case, and for the past two weeks, the American Themis still can not decide: innocent or guilty bill, or the words of Constant not enough to take down the 78-year-old pervert to ten years in prison. Every day the hearing ends with the meeting without a resolution. Gloria Allred, the lawyer of the victim, has said that even if this time the bill will come out unscathed, it is still up to the end of his days will go to the courts: Cosby filed a court ten of the victims.

We will remind, the bill also accused Judy Hugh. At the time of rape she was only fifteen years old.

According to the victim, bill raped her in the famous house “Playboy” Hugh Hefner. Did the rapist, as always, slipped in alcohol to the victim of a psychotropic substance, and while she was unconscious, raped her.