Bill Cosby says the charges are in the party of racism

Билл Косби считает обвинения в свою сторону расизмом

Bill Cosby, former mega-popular American entertainer, and now – sighted man, who is accused of raping a dozen women, said that the charges against him may be racially motivated. Next month should be a meeting where bill will testify. The Prosecutor and the lawyer of the victims hopes that this hearing will be decisive in the case, but bill is making all attempts to lower it on brakes. And talking about racism, without a doubt – one of the methods.

Assumptions about the racism expressed by the daughter of Cosby, Esno, and the father is ready to confirm her words.
“Racism is the cause of the attacks and accusations towards my father. They were one-sided from the beginning. The reputation of his father was impeccable, and the accusations are without any evidence,” said bill’s daughter.
“Maybe, maybe. To me drawn many nefarious tentacles, and I do not exclude that someone profitable to undermine public opinion of me,” said bill. Recall that the accusations came just a few months before Cosby was planning to return to television with a new show.