Bill Cosby is almost blind

Билл Косби практически ослеп

Famous American comedian bill Cosby, whose name is mentioned now in the context of the ugly legal process and the mass of the allegations of rape and sexual harassment, virtually blind.

Under the hand of an assistant for the elderly comedian to appear in court city Norrington to testify in the rape case of a Temple University employee Andrea Constanti that occurred in 2004. There were twelve men who gave evidence in the case.
He appeared in court and the lawyer of the victim, Gloria Allred, who represents victims of the once influential medialize. We will remind that earlier the lawyer said that already has information about the seven dozen women who are willing to testify against the bill, but there are many more. Cosby committed his vile crimes for decades, and many of his early victims are already in old age, acquired grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and none of them wants to draw attention to what happened once.
Meanwhile, the bill itself, according to insiders, not only blind, but also began to suffer a manic paranoia – he think will come after him and kill him. In other words, he got his personal hell. If his guilt is proven, his last days, Cosby will spend in prison.