Bill Cosby is afraid that it will poison

Билл Косби боится, что его отравят

Once-famous comedian bill Cosby, who once had their own telesynergy and who is now accused of raping more than six dozen women, is in a personal hell. The showman is almost blind, and his paranoia crossed all boundaries.

According to the publication, RadarOnline, when scandale rape hit the media, bill lives in constant fear that he was poisoned. Cosby not staying the night in hotels, eat in restaurants, doesn’t trust anyone. Celebrity sure is worth to lose vigilance, and someone that will put him in a glass or a plate.
June 5 in Philadelphia to be held the hearing about the rape Andrea Kostandi, where bill will have to testify. Hotels in Pittsburgh, which will host the meeting, bill does not intend. Not to staying in hotels, the 79-year-old Cosby is ready to Wake up at 2:30 every day and get a private plane from his home country to the destination.
“He and his wife fear that their hotel might be poisoned. Too many haters around them,” said the insider, and added that bill and his wife even go with their bottled water and refuse to eat not only the table but also on the buffets. Yes that there – even from the pump room of the fountains in the court Cosby refuses to drink.
Recall that from the bill because of allegations turned best friends. For example Whoopi Goldberg, who previously defended him foaming at the mouth, and is now in the ranks of those that tries to send him behind bars for the rest of my life. It turned out that beloved by Americans on television actually is a serial rapist. Acted bill is always the same: put the substance into the drink of his victim, and while she was unconscious he raped her. Now Cosby will have to answer for everything, and if its fault is proved, it is possible that the prison bill will leave the already feet.